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06-07-10, 19:54 PM
I am now in the situation where I have had to give up for a while due to work and my financial situation, I got as far as just about to go solo. My question is how long will lessons that I have logged last, if say I was to restart next spring will I have to start at the beginning or will it be a quick refresh and pick up where we left off?

06-07-10, 20:09 PM
it should just be a case of a bit of refresher training then back to the syllabus but dont leave it too long. I got to the solo point in Cessna's and PA28's then had a little break back in around 2000. Firstly the training school went into liquidation and then I lost my logbook in a house move (DOH!). I did however get the occasional flight in a flexwing with family and friends to keep the bug alive. It wasnt until last year that I got around to doing the training but I had to start from scratch as my hours didnt count without a logbook to back them up.

If you cant afford to keep the lessons up just keep popping down the local airfield and get chatting to the pilots. There is usually a guy with a spare seat that will take you for a fly and if you are lucky give you a bit of "hands on". If you do get the chance to take the controls remember to enter it into your logbook, the time doesnt count towards your licence but will show that you are commited. I manged to fill about 4 pages of my book with "hands on p2" time.

Good Luck

06-07-10, 20:22 PM
I am keeping my log book under lock and key and hopefully I will restart in the early spring,
Good advice to go to the flying club from time to time. I have noticed there is a meet at Ince Blundell at the end of the month I may well take a drive over as itís not too far from Anglesey.

Carl Bayliss
06-07-10, 20:34 PM
Your dual training does not have a 'life' to it in terms of qualification for an NPPL(M), however solo time and exams (inc GST) do, so in that respect you are ok. It should be a case of some revision when you come back to it to get into the swing of things. Your instructor should have a student training record which he/she is obliged to keep.

Feel free to come over to Ince for the fly-in, make yourself known (can't miss me, the piercings give me away) and I am sure you'll be dragged into an aircraft!

08-07-10, 18:16 PM
As Carl says above your dual hours are not time limited. The only time limits are that your solo hours, GST and exam passes must be completed within in 9 months prior to the date on your license application so you're ok for now.