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12-07-10, 10:56 AM
Has no-one ever posted a topic about the wonderful raven yet?


12-07-10, 11:30 AM
There is one in our hangar here in Sweden. Nice machine, very basic but the wing shape is just iconic!

12-07-10, 15:16 PM
It's because it is so wonderful that us owners have nothing to gripe about :-)

Carl Bayliss
12-07-10, 19:38 PM
it was good.....back in the day.... hahaha ;)

martin sanderson
12-07-10, 20:22 PM
i was having a look at some at spamfield and i thort thay had some up to date mod cons on 2 disk brakes for one

13-07-10, 09:03 AM
Has no-one ever posted a topic about the wonderful raven yet?


Check out here http://forums.bmaa.org/default.aspx?f=39&p=2&m=18093 and here http://forums.bmaa.org/default.aspx?f=39 and my photo gallery.

"Please excuse my excitement http://forums.bmaa.org/emoticons/jumpin.gif but …

Isn't amazing? The Raven - this wonder machine is old as almost entire Microlighting World but still is one of the best even among newest and most sophisticated creations.

I was in Nordlingen when Rob Keene was competing with the Raven. I loved the striking shape, dynamic attitude and performance of the Raven. I asked Rob how possibly I could get a used wing and he replied that it is nearly impossible because nobody would sell – it is so good. It was sad to hear because I cannot afford a new microlight. So I forgot my undertakings. But I own one now and I’m happy.

I do not know about you all, but I fly usually in the midday and in heavy turbulence and in thermals and for few hours. I’ve never had such wing which is so easy in handling in heavy conditions. It cuts turbulence like knife butter. Yes, I have tested a lot of wings such as QuikS, Quik GT 450, Flash 2A, Quantum, all Polish made wings, all Hungarian made wings, iXess and XP (Air Creation, France), Karat (Germany), some Russian and Ukrainian made wings and some other I do not remember.

My opinion is – the Raven has quality of all of these, but none has quality of the Raven. With the Raven you have to do nothing in the air but enjoy flying.

It is safe, predictable, fast, slow, maneuverable, strong, has exceptional architecture and look in the air. Over all – it is classic Microlight.

I’d say it carries the Great Idea and Spirit of the Microlighting through the Time."