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andy dixon
20-07-10, 20:14 PM
the holy-grail of microlighting has come of age, for under 80 quid !

them nice guys at www.microlightstore.co.uk have another world first !
i was doing my usual 'rooting about' on the shelf in their store room where all the new products are kept and tested/rejected/accepted .
so a couple of weeks ago richard gave me a wireless P.T.T. system to check out for his stores before he decided to stock them.......

it is the same button us flexwing boys are used to.......they have cut the curley wire off from both ends and stuck some electronic bits in the 'soggy ends' .......well its a bit more complicated than that,but this is the best way to explain it.
with 2 million different frequencys no 2 systems will ever be the same.

last week i was suposed to be doing some of my A.F.I. flight and written exams but the weather put an end to that.
so stuck with time on my hands i have been testing out the new wireless P.T.T.

if you are an instructor,then this is just perfect,as you can have the wireless button,in your pocket,on your wrist,or on the rear training bar,so when you are landing from the back seat with both hands on the training bars,you don't have to let go to make your circuit calls !!!!!!!!! worth every penny just for that bit......

Or you can put it on the base bar and when you are getting out of the trike you will never trip over the lead again (or in my case i ALWAYS FORGET TO VELCRO IT TO THE BAR ! )

in my time as a product tester i have seen many thing, but this is just fantastic news for all of us,and price wise it is just worth every penny......in a couple of years time a curly lead will just be a thing of the past !
i shouldn't really do it but here is a link to it so you can see a picture of it.....


fits lynx,microavionics (and duo if you just change the jack plug about 1-50 from maplins last week when i altered one)

out of every thing you buy for your flex wing........this has just got to be at the top of the shopping list
you just unplug your old curly lead and plug in the wireless box........job done !

Jon S
20-07-10, 22:13 PM
Bit of a bugger when the battery in the push button end goes flat though....

Bob T
21-07-10, 00:08 AM
For 80, I'd expect on site battery changing by the supplier!

John Young
21-07-10, 08:15 AM

I have two full-house intercoms on my trike - both fitted with the YRLess PTT. On a fly away, I just stick the second PTT in the panier.

The YRLess PTT is worth every penny. Never going back to the "curly thingy" again. :)

Change your batteries when doing your annual.

Kind regards
John ZU-sEXY

andy dixon
21-07-10, 08:31 AM
thanks for the quick feedback lads.....

if it did go flat on you after 300 hours or whatever it is,you just press the button on the side of the radio,if your curly lead packed up you would just press the button on the side of the radio to talk........

do you remember when tellys/v.h.s. video machines first had a remote control ? it was a long lead you plugged in to the telly,when the remote control came out everyone said it would be a pain with the battery issues...........
of course there is a battery issue with any wireless gadget

i don't make them, and i don't sell them, i haven't mensioned the maker or the importer, so as to remain neuteral in the testing of aviation products.......

it's just like the the batterys in your car remote......... and we are told to change them once a year......but do we ? then we moan after 3 years when the remote key doesn't work !!!!!!!
for a flying instructor in the back seat on a windy day,to have the P.T.T. on the training bar i think is invaluble, landing from the back with 2 hands is bad enough,landing with 1 hand is 'well tricky'

the button an the bar has NO on and off switch,it only uses power when it is pressed.......just like your car remote (same type of batterys)
..............but like all new products.....time will tell

andy dixon
21-07-10, 08:51 AM

also i (and several other pilots) have just finished doing a test on 10 different headsets from 6 different makers, including 3 sets from the same maker as the wireless P.T.T.
all the headsets are FOR open cockpit flying

the legal boys are just checking the wording of the review as we speek.......so come and view the product testing section in a few more days !

andy dixon
21-07-10, 09:51 AM
contacted the manufacturer this morning
.......lithium batterys ( 2 for 99p on ebay this morning)......expected life span is 750 hours use or 5 years for the p.t.t.
base unit pp3 battery (2-49 at boots the chemist last week).......expected life span 100 hours or 5 years or wire in to aircraft power (last a life time)

i think 'expected life span' means recomended replacement intervals.........and sorry mr.manufacturer we can't recommend DURACELL on this site even though we would probably fit one anyway !

Dave Morton
28-07-10, 08:09 AM
Thanks for the review Andy, the curly lead is a pet hate of mine, so wireless ptt it will be. (it's only 4 weeks pocket money)

Terry Viner
28-07-10, 22:05 PM
Look at this website and see this chaps wireless PTT for 60 www.wirefreeptt.co.uk (http://www.wirefreeptt.co.uk)


andy dixon
29-07-10, 18:40 PM
thanks very much Terry for taking the time to post the website you found for us all to look at WELL SPOTTED !

i have e-mailed them and await their reply, there unit seems to have a lot more on it and 20 squid cheeper

because the one you have found terry connects to the aircraft 12v system it is a 40 pound major mod with the B.M.A.A. and signed off by an aircraft inspector of the B.M.A.A. who needs a wiring diagram of the fitment to your plane,needs to know the size of the wiring,the unit must be fused and on it's own seperate switch (after the ingnition system) and the inspector needs to inspect your plane after fitment.......the one i tested is just a streight forward "plug and go" system.........but if i was sticking in something else for a mod i could just be tempted by this one (if they were like for like on quality and gaurentees)

www.microlightstore.co.uk supplied me with the one to test.......and good news coz when i asked them to send an enverlope so i could return the unit they told me to pass it around my mates for everyone to play with.........so i thought i would post it to another member of the forum,and then every 2 weeks or so people just post it on to someone else to play with

Terry Viner
29-07-10, 21:21 PM
Andy, just make a 12v socket and plug in when needed,

andy dixon
29-07-10, 22:40 PM
yep that's all it needs for a 'curve ball' on the mod issue......was just about to edit the post,

just had an email from the makers and they are waiting for parts which could take several weeks,
i've asked if i can buy one and do a back-to-back product test on it as their's is cheeper and offers more functions.......and they have a lot more ideas in the pipe-line !

so now i'm all 'giddy'

Terry Viner
30-07-10, 17:19 PM
Andy, give me a bell on 07830206284 i will explain all.

Terry Viner
30-07-10, 20:02 PM
Ive just spoken to Gary and he is posting one of to you in the morning for you to test.

Blade 582
06-08-10, 15:06 PM
Andy and Terry,,

Thanks for the heads up, on this peice of Kit. Looks like the dogs NADs

I spoke to Gary, and I am awaiting his delivery.

Cheers Lads

andy dixon
06-08-10, 15:50 PM
gary has very kindly sent me one to test 'side-by-side' with the imported one,i plan to test them both on saturday and sunday and post the findings monday, i will then pass the two on to vince for him to test aswell

sometimes even the best test pilots in the world miss the obvious and the small detail , so it's always nice to check your own opinions with the opinions of others

........anyone else fancy giving them a test ? if so just post below (you will only be responsable for posting them on to the next man !

07-08-10, 00:13 AM
Hi Andy, we,ve got a product test section on the forum, home page, we really ought to use it to it's fullest ability.

11-08-10, 22:15 PM
kits now ready to be shipped with various options available.
I will update our website tomorrow with full details.
www.wirefreeptt.co.uk (http://www.wirefreeptt.co.uk)