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Sean McDonald
10-08-10, 08:35 AM
Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience/advice on specialist aircraft finance companies? If buying an aircraft on a loan are they similar to car finance companies or would a small bank loan be as cheap?

I would be interested if anyone could point me in the direction or reputable companies or tell me what I shouldn't do. I'm not about to rush headlong into anything but looking at my longer term plan of owning and flying from home.



10-08-10, 10:58 AM
Hi Sean,

Not exactly sure about specialist Aircraft underwriters? If they do exist one would imagine their rates are the same as the High Street.

Still pretty expensive to borrow at the moment, regardless of your desired purpose.

If you are a Homeowner then you could get a reasonable rate of 7.7% - but even that is pricey considering how things were a few years ago.

The consensus in the finance community (what do they know eh!) is that Interest Rates will remain low until 2014, so if you have enough equity, this will probably be the cheapest route.

For me, I would go for a simple, easy in, easy out personal (unsecured) loan with NO early redemption fees. Although this will be more expensive than the above, when the market recovers you could easily re-finance to a better rate of loan.

One final point, the great thing about some Aircraft types is that they hold their value brilliantly, thus are a pretty good investment IMHO.


07-05-11, 09:04 AM
There are many entities that can help and offer competitive and flexible financing options for you to buy your own aircraft. This financing program also offers auto payment options, which allows your monthly repayment amounts to be deducted from your account.

07-06-11, 12:52 PM
There are many people to help you. All you need to do is sit and search in the internet for people who provide financial assistance for aviation industry. Go through their website understand their policy and then register with them. Everything is smooth process.

Sean McDonald
07-06-11, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the info Myles but my mother won a few quid at Bingo so I didn't need them in the end.......