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martin sanderson
19-09-10, 21:24 PM
hi has any one got a pair ??? are thay any good

Tyke Pilot
19-09-10, 22:41 PM
Martin, Vince has got some I think. He says they are the dogs doodahs

19-09-10, 23:13 PM
No, i've got the girbings and THEY really are the dogs dangly bits.

And for flex in the winter, heated insoles for my boots too :D

23-09-10, 13:15 PM
Yep - I'll second the Gerbings. I've got the hybrid ones that take a battery pack or can be cabled in. Have yet to use them in the flex (got them earlier this year) but they were brilliant on the bike in the last bit of bloody cold weather before spring. Awesome.

23-09-10, 13:37 PM
Iv had mine (leather outer ones ) for over 10 years they are still working fine a must for flexwing in the winter ...


hi has any one got a pair ??? are thay any good

andy dixon
23-09-10, 19:45 PM
mine are gerbing too,
last winter me,richard and vince has a few different pairs to try-out,you only get what you pay for in gloves.......and the gerbing life time warranty is just fantastic

it's just the thought of paying 150 quid for a pair of gloves

25-10-10, 15:24 PM
Re Klan Heated Clothing: Now that there's a bit of a nip in the air I decided to get my heated clothing gear out ready for the winter season. I was a bit disappointed to find that the jacket has gone 'open circuit' and only one of the gloves is now working. I have had the Klan gear for a few seasons now and they have always performed well so I am very disappointed that this kit has failed. Has anyone had any aftersales experience with getting Klan equipment repaired or am I going to have to stop being a soft southerner!

25-10-10, 17:36 PM
if anyone needs heated gloves then pm me and i will give forum members a discount code



martin sanderson
26-10-10, 11:40 AM
i think i will get myself a pair

26-10-10, 13:12 PM
On a semi-related note... I just got myself a Gerbing jacket liner, mainly for use on the bike under my leathers now it's getting proper cold, but will be using it under my flight suit at some point I'm sure. I must say - it's absolutely amazing. I thought they were sort of waistcoat things, but this looks just like a normal black nylon jacket from the outside and has Thinsulate inbetween the layers. Gloves are powered from connectors concealed in the jacket sleeves, so less wiring to run.

On the ride in yesterday, with thick frost everywhere, I was toasty warm! Even had to turn it down a bit on the slow sections...

The only downside was that I had to buy a separate Y piece so that I could power both the jacket and the gloves from a single-output temp controller that I have (they're on separate circuits in the jacket so you can have them at different temps with a dual controller), and I didn't know I needed one until I tried to wire it all up...

Well worth the money :D

26-10-10, 13:56 PM
f1yer - I would love that discount code but every time I have tried to contact microlightstore no one replies !!!!!! must have tried 6-7 times, given up now !!

26-10-10, 17:16 PM
Sam, he said to send him a PM on here for a discount code. Have you tried that? Or see the advert at the top with their phone number on 0114 352 0055 they answer it at any time of day / night, within reason.

26-10-10, 18:58 PM
Vince, didn't know who to PM but have used phone number above several times but get no reply.

26-10-10, 19:23 PM
If you want to try them first you can borrow mine for a couple of weeks to see if you like them.
I know where you are so dont get any ideas about keeping them. LOL :-)

Forgot to add I have the glove liners to use inside your gloves OR the Gauntlets let me know which you want to try, that is if you do

26-10-10, 21:12 PM
Vince, didn't know who to PM but have used phone number above several times but get no reply.
F1yer (http://www.microlightforum.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=526) click the link to send Richard a P.M.

07-01-11, 20:23 PM
I have both the Klan gloves and Jacket and think they are the dogs danglies also. the only fault I can find is that a few times after leaving the gloves at the hanger when I return for the next flight the gloves are damp inside this is obviously because they are damp(sweaty) when youre done flying for the day but your hands/gloves are that warm you dont notice.
As for after service when I purchased these items of kit at the bike show I specifically asked about the gaurantee befroe purchase and was assured the wiring was gauranteed for life and any problems would be dealt with, without any fuss or hassle.
I hope this helps