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11-12-10, 20:51 PM
Just to share
I flew my own Airplane today G-MYTI , the feeling absolutely awsome , she is a quantum 582 and the feeling of piloting (even under the watchfull eye of my instructor ) is / was undescribable, now cant wait for next weekend and hope the weather plays along :D

11-12-10, 20:55 PM
Excellent, great to see her in the air. Many happy flying hours, see you in the New Year.


11-12-10, 21:56 PM
Cheers Andrew
Have a safe time in Sa hope you come right with a flight in a micro out there , i would love to fly the garden Route :)
Merry xmas and see you in the new year

12-12-10, 12:55 PM
Brilliant, Nice one Kev. The lessons must be coming on now then. How far from solo are you? Another major milestone :D

12-12-10, 14:04 PM
Thanx Vince
was about one or two away from solo on the gt 450 but now got to get used to the Quantum so may be a few more :)
that will be so good, i think flying your own aircraft solo will just be awesome and i cant wait , just hope the weather plays ball :)

12-12-10, 16:04 PM
Yes Kev.

I flew mine solo for an hour yesterday. My self loading ballast let me down at the last minute.

I could have flown with other guys at the airfield who already had their machines out but I just wanted to be at the controls. It's been a while.