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Mike Sands
03-01-11, 09:52 AM
I was told by a BMAA inspector last week that the restriction on overflying built-up areas still applies to SSDR, even though it was lifted for permit and type approved microlights a couple of years ago.
Is this true?

03-01-11, 11:09 AM
I believe that to be so Mike as SSDR was not mentioned in the exemption.

03-01-11, 11:17 AM
The original ONA SSDR exemption (issue 633) DID have the overflying restriction.
Subesequent Exemptions DO NOT. (640 onwards from my records).
Thus the inspector is incorrect and overflying is not prohibited .

03-01-11, 11:28 AM
I stand corrected then. The paper I read didn't include SSDR so I assumed that they were still restricted.

03-01-11, 15:29 PM
You have a reg: and a license, common sense would say to me that it would be the same, but then, when did common sense ever prevail.:D

Mike Sands
12-01-11, 11:19 AM
hmmmmm - just found this on the LAA pages dated Sep 2010 "It may only be flown for private
use, by day, in VFR, and only over non-congested areas of the country." http://www.lightaircraftassociation.co.uk/engineering/TechnicalLeaflets/Operating%20An%20Aircraft/TL%202.17%20Operating%20Deregulated%20Microlights.pdf
Wally - what do you think - are they wrong?

12-01-11, 14:49 PM
I assume that the info on the LAA site is simply out of date and was written when the original ANO SSDR exemption contained the overflying prohibition.

The overflying restriction was basically built into the "Permit" system for all aircraft, not flying on a CofA and thus becasue SSDR was exempt from the need for a Permit, the restriction had to be written into the ANO SSDR exemption. (presumably in order to keep it equitable)

OSR 4 issue 633 which was withdrawn on 27 October 2008.

The SSDRs definition/exemption from the need for a CofA then came under the general terms of the ANO and now shown in CAP393 para 16 (2) g
(if not before)
The only such restrictions being that flights must start and end in the UK and be Private flights.

I mentioned issue 640 in my previous post.. sorry that was incorrect. Issue OSR 640 refers to the exemption from a noise certificate

Mike Sands
12-01-11, 15:01 PM
ah now I get what you mean. SSDR's introduction came before microlights were allowed to fly over congested areas, so when CAA allowed SSDR they needed to ensure that SSDRs weren't more favourably treated than bigger microlights. Once the bigger brethren got permission then they were able to 'repeal' the special restriction.

Carl Bayliss
12-01-11, 19:23 PM
Best idea is to consult the LAA (they were after all the ones who got the restriction lifted for permit aircraft) or BMAA or the CAA directly. The removal of overflight applied to all permit aircraft (except ex military) and since SSDR never had a permit could be a bit of a grey area. I have heard many 'theories' but are any of the theories fact?

Clarification is the best option, if you did overfly and it was illegal and you got caught CAA will prosecute... it was your responsibility to check before your flight.

Paul Dewhurst
13-01-11, 19:29 PM
No permit = no overflight restriction to remove. Same as powered footlaunch, hangliders and pargaliders - all of which just have to comply with the standard ANO requirements.


Mike Sands
13-01-11, 19:39 PM
Hi Paul - Thanks, not that I'm planning to fly the Dragonfly over major conurbations but it's useful to know that I wouldn't be illegal if I did .... and I can mention to my previous inspector that he may be wrong.

15-06-11, 19:06 PM
When I trained at Flylight (home of Paul Dewhurst, author of SSDR) I was told that SSDR is not restricted when it comes to overflying, though there had been some speculation about it.