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16-01-11, 01:33 AM
I please to advise the forum cup will hold 250ml of Whisky


16-01-11, 01:35 AM
I'll just go get my Horlics :sleeping:

16-01-11, 01:36 AM
WX is naff, no need for a clear head in the morning !!

17-01-11, 08:52 AM
Ewwwwww, what was I playing at Sat night, didnt see much of Sunday morning !!!

17-01-11, 21:51 PM
Ahhh ffs Sam that's no whisky that's sugar ally sweetwater...........could you not have used a proper malt to christen the cup!!!!!!

18-01-11, 10:43 AM
Theres no accounting for taste taste bri. I like my sugar ally sweetwater and am happy to spend 19 a bottle, how much are you happy to pay for a poofters plane ?? ;-) :blonde: :neener:

18-01-11, 11:57 AM
He's from scotland, leave him alone... I have to agree with bri... Well actually I think the best stuff is spelled whiskey, and a drop of middle ton cannot be bettered. :neener:

18-01-11, 12:31 PM
Lets not get pedantic about the spelling !! ;-)

I seem to remember you enquiring about a poofters plane recently Vince, Ninja wasnt it ? No danger of you slipping into the warm bosom of the dark side is there Vince ?

Tyke Pilot
18-01-11, 12:38 PM
It's not a spelling mistake, there is Whisky and there is Whiskey, I dont drink it myself but a purist will tell you the difference. (I think one is Irish, t'other Scottish, maybe wrong).

18-01-11, 12:42 PM
Exactly 'Midleton' is an Irish 'Whiskey'. The JD in picture should have been 'Whiskey'

Vince suggested I may be upsetting Bri, I reckon suggesting I put an Irish Whiskey in the cup may have been worse !!

Makes no difference to me, I'm just a philistine and drink purely for effect and don't care what it is :-)

Bob T
18-01-11, 13:00 PM
There are only two whiskeys worth drinking, Laphroaig and Ardbeg. All others are cheap and nasty imitations.

Sean McDonald
18-01-11, 13:35 PM
Irish whiskey is distilled three times, Scotch whisky is distilled twice. More of the impurities are removed from the Irish so theoretically it should not cause so much of a hangover. That's what I was told in any case....:roll:

18-01-11, 15:59 PM
Sam Sam Sam!!!!! Have a fly up to Strathaven sometime this year and we will ween you off that nasty imitation stuff you're into. That's if your wee kite can get that far!!

By the way I also have been known fly a paramotor in the dead of winter, so I've paid my dues to Jack Frost. Any eejit can be uncomfortable it's the clever who know how to stay comfy...........:buttred:........Isn't that right Rick!!

I'll have to arrange for the cup to come north I think. Standby Standby!!!!

18-01-11, 16:01 PM
Anyway as long as whisky / whiskey is made by Celts of these islands it is the correct stuff. No other imitations will do.

18-01-11, 16:07 PM
Hardly - my favourite malt's (for reference for gifts) are Smith's Glenlivet, Lagavulin (peaty but far superior to Laphroaig in every way), Highland Park (Orcadian and smooth) and Bunahabhain (mainly because I know how to pronounce it)
There are also some splendid Japanese single malts - and that is an acknowledgement from a Scotsman.

There is a Scottish Malt Whisky Society based in Edinburgh which is well worth joining if you enjoy single malt whisky - it is an enjoyable education and they have some splendid stuff to sample.

I have never had a hangover from single malt whiskies

18-01-11, 16:15 PM
Bri Bri Bri, my wee kite wouldnt have a problem getting to Strathaven, it would be the southern softy flying it !!!!! ;-)

18-01-11, 17:28 PM
Jailhouserock, I have to agree to the Glenlivet and Highland Park. I once tasted 21 year old Highland Park, smooth was not the word - nectar.

18-01-11, 18:51 PM
There are only two whiskeys worth drinking, Laphroaig and Ardbeg. All others are cheap and nasty imitations.
Middleton made by jamesons and at 120 euros a bottle for 25 year old whiskey is no cheap imitation of anything. It's absolutely stunning.:cheers:

Bob T
18-01-11, 19:31 PM
I was given a few glasses of Rothschild champers at Christmas, the host paid 135 euros a bottle for it. I would not bother washing my feet in it. Price is not everything.

18-01-11, 20:28 PM
A trip round the old distillary in Dublin for my wife's 40th, you could see why it was so expensive, they store it for 25 years and half of it evaporates in that time. Angels tears... yeah right. It evaporates.

I agree, I've got some jeans from Tesco for 3.99 and they fit better than any levi's I've ever had, I would never dream of buying any 50.00 jeans. All I'm saying is that Middleton is a cracking good whiskey. The most lung filling aroma of any I've ever tasted, and at 8 euros a shot in the hotel we were staying in, if it wasn't that good I'd never have bought a second messure. I'm a Yorkshireman for god sake :D

18-01-11, 23:47 PM
Nicest smoothest favouritist whisky in the whole wide world..................Hanky Bannister.... a blend I might add........but so hard to find!

18-01-11, 23:59 PM
Hanky Bannister

I'd be temped to buy that.... just for the name....I don't drink whiskey!

Frank Thorne
19-01-11, 00:30 AM
With all this talk of whiskey I suggest a mass flyout to Glenforsa as I know for a fact that we could spend a night or two working our way along the well stocked bar in the hotel. We could also hope for fog and bad weather to ground us there for a week so we could do it justice.....:-?

19-01-11, 08:42 AM
If at home I'd be up for it!!!:jumpeveryone:

19-01-11, 21:51 PM
Spoilt for choice; the current stock in our cupboard.... not in any particular order of favourites (but I do like the Juras!).

Bob T
19-01-11, 22:07 PM
Spoilt for choice; the current stock in our cupboard.... not in any particular order of favourites (but I do like the Juras!).

So you are down to a weeks worth then Pete (ADEN MEDAL).

martin sanderson
19-01-11, 22:08 PM
i quite like BENEDICTINE liqueur its helping with the coughi seam to have got

20-01-11, 13:38 PM
Pete are you some sort of whisky pedo???? there's nothing there older than 12!!!

20-01-11, 14:27 PM
Pete are you some sort of whisky pedo???? there's nothing there older than 12!!!

I am on a budget you know :mrgreen:

Bob T - yep, have to manufacture another excuse to pop up to Scotland again soon.... might even have to get across to your neck of the woods to stock up on wine!

Prediction for the 6-Nations this year??

Bob T
20-01-11, 14:32 PM
Glad I don't have to go that far north for whiskey, I just pop into my local supermarket here in the south of France. The locals love whiskey, so there is a great range, none of the Irish imitation stuff though.
The 6 nations will be the same as normal, France will win, I hope.