View Full Version : Delcom Air960 service manual

31-01-11, 07:48 AM
Has anyone got a copy of the Delcom Air960 (GW2960AIR) service manual, or at least the circuit diagram?


11-02-11, 18:33 PM
I've managed to figure out what I needed and have found a cure for a weakness of this particular radio.
When used with a remote antenna (say on a microlight) it works well with very good transmit audio.

When used as a handheld with the flexible helical antenna the transmitted audio is horribly distorted.
The problem is the much larger local RF field strength which upsets the modulator stage in the transmitter. I have found a way to cure this with 2 additional components fitted internally to the radio.
If anyone has one of these models and needs the details send me a PM,


11-02-11, 23:31 PM
Good work Alan! Getting hold of circuits and manuals for commercial avionics stuff seems to be almost impossible. I've been trying on and off to hunt out odd things just for the sake of completeness, after all, one can get engine manuals readily enough. That said, Icom manuals are readily available here: http://www.icom.co.jp/world/support/download/manual/index.php Hope that you are both keeping ok, very best regards.

02-06-11, 17:07 PM
FYI Delcom in the UK offer the service manuals for free (they service Delcom radios on-site, as well as other brands) - if you e-mail them they will send you a copy. Their e-mail is mail@delcom-radio.com (mailto:mail@delcom-radio.com). They also have Air 960's, batteries and accessories (APPT1 etc) for sale. I sent my air-960 battery into them and they did a cell replacement on it for me, although they do sell new batteries too. Their website is http://www.delcom-radio.com Hope this helps!