View Full Version : The Microlight Forum Cup is at Chatteris :)

08-02-11, 20:53 PM
I collected the Microlight Forum Cup from Priory Farm today. My longest journey to date by some way; 42nm. Has also got me my P for the alphabet challenge :cool:.

Excellent Hospitality at Priory Farm, very nice place to visit and lots of interesting aeroplanes based there.

Bill Scott and me, Bill has his trousers tucked into his socks John Mundy style :)

Official hand over of the cup with John Mundy, who didn't have his trousers tucked into his socks John Mundy style :D

Microlight Forum Cup arrives safely at Chatteris

Cup is being looked after by PG, the Chatteris Mascot.

If you're planning to collect the cup from Chatteris let me know and I'll try and get over there for the handing over ceremony, if not PG will happily stand in for me.
Visting information: http://aaa-microlight.co.uk/How%20to%20find%20us%202.html

08-02-11, 21:02 PM
Well done Katie, you bring honour to our tribe :razz:

Terry Viner
08-02-11, 21:08 PM
Watch that Mundy fella Katie,

08-02-11, 22:35 PM
Well done katie on your longest flight and getting the cup all in one go.:partyangel::crown::balloons::drinkingcheers:

08-02-11, 23:00 PM
Wehey... nice one Katie.

Great to see it's on the move.

Can you update the map to show where it is now and draw a line for it's journey? It's getting closer... I might have to come and get it myself shortly :lol:

09-02-11, 00:06 AM
Location updated, Vince :salute:

Maybe you should come and fetch it, before one of the Priory farm lot comes and collects it back again :)

Sean McDonald
09-02-11, 00:35 AM
Well done Katie - great flight. Did you wash your aircraft especially? It's very clean....!

09-02-11, 18:06 PM
See you Saturday morning Katie :adore:


09-02-11, 18:16 PM
Good going Katie.
Is that a Stearman in the hangar behind you in the first photo?


09-02-11, 18:46 PM
Yes, there two Stearmans based there, and another one in the workshop being restored :)