View Full Version : Minimax 2 seater ;-)

P Kelsey
20-02-11, 18:06 PM
Just had an enquiry from a person who was very interested in buying the Minimax on AFORS

He asked if I would fly it to him if he purchased it ? I told him I think the seating area is a bit tight for me.
He then asked well if it isn't too cramped could I come along on the flight to get used to the aircraft.

Do you think it will be too cramped for us both or should I let him fly with me :question:


P Kelsey
20-02-11, 18:33 PM
Lets just say the potential buyer was saved a wasted trip, he really thought he could fly in it with me, his mistake is easy to understand though !!! I blame the LAA letting him think it was a 2 seater.

you could always rip out the seat back and kick a hole through into the rear fuselage and stuff him in there........don't think you would get it off the ground in a hurry though !

if he doesn't even have a clue what he's buying he deserves one

Terry Viner
20-02-11, 19:19 PM
How could you blame the LAA Peter, surely he should have done his homework first.

Tyke Pilot
20-02-11, 20:38 PM
I think it was the Placard terry stating weight with 2 persons. I agree though that he should have known the details of the plane he was about to buy.

Terry Viner
20-02-11, 21:45 PM
I think if I remember correctly that the MAUW is 268kg and thats with the mods, That alone tells you that it is only a single seater Tyke.
2 x 85 kg pilot and Pax plus 17 kg for Min fuel is 187 so only leaves 121 kg for the plane and I dought that there is a 2 seat anywhere in that weight catergory.

Tyke Pilot
20-02-11, 21:53 PM
Terry, I agree with you totally.

Frank Thorne
21-02-11, 01:59 AM
Almost as good as "can I learn to fly in a minimax"

23-02-11, 13:24 PM
You need one of these for such an occasion!

Sean McDonald
24-02-11, 23:10 PM
Might be like one of those 'cut and shut' dodgy motors cobbled together from a couple of wrecks...sold by geezers...:blues:

vicky G
16-06-11, 21:35 PM
That was my old mini max!