View Full Version : The Cup and it's Simian Companion have been liberated to Calton Moor

Rick Moss
13-03-11, 21:35 PM
I am pleased to report that this afternoon a raid was successfully launched on Chatteris resulting in the liberation of rthe Cup and the monkey. A guard had been placed at Chatteris, but she left at around 2pm, allowing the strike to ahead go unhindered.

The cup and monkey are at Calton Moor, Staffordshire. The airfield is not PPR but is often quiet so it's worth calling ahead on 07825 137362 to check access (although if the weather is good, there's likely to be something happening).


13-03-11, 21:57 PM
Nice work Rick !

13-03-11, 22:05 PM
What happened to your dawn raid John? I was at the airfield early(ish) ready to fend off a raid from the East.

Bill Scott
13-03-11, 22:43 PM
Buggah! I was half minded to do a low level dash across the Fens from Priory Farm, but the crud was closing in and I elected to stay local.

13-03-11, 23:08 PM
Brilliant Rick. I can see it at Rufforth one of these days.

Rick Moss
17-03-11, 20:57 PM
Anybody planning on collecting this weekend?

Frank Thorne
18-03-11, 01:41 AM