View Full Version : Cup and Monkey has flown over the pennines

25-03-11, 16:55 PM
It was a bit claggy but Scrapper Dave and me managed to get to Ince Blundell to retrieve the cup and Monkey.

He said he was sick of the claggy weather in Ince so wanted to come over to GODs county in Yorkshire.

We were two hours flying back teaching him the Yorkshire mans saying

Hear all see all say nowt.
Eat all sup all pay nowt
And if ever tha' does owt for nowt
Alus do it for thisen.

He got it all OK, if with a bit of a strange accent that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

All that bumping about over the pennines made him a bit hungry, and if he makes it to Sunday for his Yorkshire puddings I'm sure he'll be well pleased.

He now resides on the microwave in the cafe at Rufforth. See Kati if you want to retrieve them.

25-03-11, 19:10 PM
Well done Vince :gotpics:

25-03-11, 19:34 PM
Congratulations on getting the Cup at last Vince :)

Look after PG, I hope he is not being corrupted by the North of England.

25-03-11, 20:06 PM
Got any photos of monkey and the cups new home?

25-03-11, 20:36 PM
Last one

25-03-11, 21:23 PM
damn monkey's got more hours than me!!!

Frank Thorne
25-03-11, 22:41 PM
Glad you managed to cross the old pennines lets hope the weather stays fine over the weekend..............................:evil:

P Kelsey
25-03-11, 23:05 PM
Will be into Rufforth tomorrow 26/03/2011 to save the Monkey from having to eat Yorkshire Puds, hopefully he will get proper food when we leave him at Cranwell or Eshott.

Popped into Strathaven today and saw Bri663's Hawk and it looks good ;-) Also met Mark ( Meggark ) for the 1st time ever after having spoken to him on forums etc for many years ;-)

Bill Scott
25-03-11, 23:37 PM
Make sure you stay away from the coast through Durham, particularly in the vicinity of Hartlepool. Monkeys seem to have a distinct aversion to the place ;)

25-03-11, 23:57 PM
Can't wait to here how the conversation went with JT asking for PPR.

P Kelsey
26-03-11, 16:02 PM
Didn't manage to get out of Eshott today:cussing: So might attempt it tomorrow :balloons: Do I need to ask JT for PPR ? I will chat with him later ;-)

Can't wait to here how the conversation went with JT asking for PPR.

P Kelsey
26-03-11, 17:55 PM
PPR has been requested ;-)

26-03-11, 19:23 PM
Sorted, weather looks good for tomorrow. See kati in the cafe, he's on the microwave!

26-03-11, 22:55 PM
Congrats Monkey ! and Vince,
Didn't see you at Ince Vince but hope the journey was good ! please look after monkey because he will be home sick, will pick him up soon and i thank you for babysitting...LOL