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11-05-11, 21:21 PM
Hi, I have had a few lesons now and have started to study for the Air Law exam but I have a few questions:

How many questions are there in the exam
What is the pass mark
Where do you sit the exam

Great forum this, lots of useful info and experience.

Thanks in advance.

11-05-11, 21:54 PM
no idea :)

think the pass is 80% (multiple choice) and you can sit it at your flying school.

this may be of use:

11-05-11, 22:08 PM
IMHO possibly the hardest exam. This may (or may not!) be of use...


dave nixon
11-05-11, 22:19 PM
hi DMG just passed mine,20 questions multiple choice min pass 70% exam is at instructors place just sit on your'e own no text books just study microlight handbook ,I just kept practicing and reading up when ever i sat down for 5 mins ,also practice air law when flight training ,good luck when you take it

12-05-11, 09:06 AM
I'm currently studying for the RT practical exam, I am finding it far harder than any of the exams required for the license ! Having said that I'm enjoying it more than the others, it incorporates virtually everything learnt in the other five exams and reinforces the knowledge. The instructor / tutor is a blast, different accent for every station, trying to get my calls right whilst in stitches makes it all the more challenging.

I know the RT license isnt mandatory for the NPPL license and I also know lots of people that use the radio without a license ( as I did / currently do), but I would recommend the course to anyone, its making my flying far more enjoyable.

12-05-11, 10:34 AM
Where are you doing the RT course Sam?

12-05-11, 11:24 AM
Many thanks for the replys, not so worried now. 70% should be a doddle !!!!! :roll:

12-05-11, 11:52 AM
Bri, doing it with Steve Wilkes, he flys Tigers and Dragon Rapides out of Duxford, really interesting chap !!!


dave nixon
12-05-11, 18:35 PM
Hi dmg ,thought 70% was easy until you get that question that two of m/c could be ,usual exam format do all the ones you know for sure and spend rest of time allowed to finish off.

12-05-11, 19:43 PM
Hi dmg ,thought 70% was easy until you get that question that two of m/c could be ,usual exam format do all the ones you know for sure and spend rest of time allowed to finish off.

Hi Dave, you are of course 100% correct. Must take my time and not get too confident. Only 20 questions which means each is worth 5%, not too much room for error. I have read both Cosy from front to back twice and [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4]Air Law for Micro Pilots by Geoff Weighall once so far. I have an hours train journey each morning and evening and I find an ideal time to do a little reading. Many thanks all for the links and advice, thats what makes this forum THE microlight forum.

12-05-11, 20:37 PM

Try not to dwell on the exam(s) too much. You’ll be surprised at just how well your brain soaks up the knowledge needed.

Studying while commuting is a great idea, so I have no doubt you will pass with flying colours with that kind of time on your hands.

I remember when studying for my exams I could only manage 10mins every other day whilst (and I’m not ashamed to say it) on the bog. This seemed to be the only time I had a little peace and quiet to take things in (or out….) :?

That said I only just scrapped through the Air Law achieving a crappy 75%. I faired even worse with the Met achieving the minimum mark of 70%, but the end of the day a pass is a pass so don’t worry about it!

Let us all know how you get on.



14-05-11, 14:03 PM
The Microlight handbook is an ideal size to also take into the Gents Powder Room.:take_a_crap::studyingbrown: Uninterupted peace and quite for 5 / 10/15 mins or whatever.
If I remember correctly ALL the Air Law questions are covered in Cozzis book, whereas in the Nav exam you will need to study the legends and other info on the 1/4 & 1/2 mil maps.

Good luck,

18-05-11, 13:00 PM
hi all,
i started night school with cheshire microlights in october last year and finished all my exams by march.
did quite well at first with not too much time to revise just grabbing a few moments here and there.

air law 100%
aero gen 92%
hp&l 100%
met 72% (close)
nav 70% (just)
took my rt course and failed the theory test first time with a miserable 67%, bit of last minute revision didnt pay off!!
retook it again with practical straight after so no pressure,
passed with 90%
bit of forward thinking in the practical and lots of memos wrote down.
exams out of the way now so can just get on with flying again, 27 and half hrs in and not far off going solo allbeit circuit work needs to be more consistent but got a lesson tomorrow (thursday) lets see how it goes.

dave nixon
18-05-11, 14:12 PM
hi simon you must be a bit of a swat getting all those high percentages ,us oldens struggle to absorb it all ,find flying the easy bit its the dying grey cells that don't help,good luck with the rest of training,need less wind only had about 5 flyable days this month.

dave nixon
26-05-11, 22:04 PM
thats another two more exams out of the way nav & met left

27-05-11, 14:32 PM
my best advice mate will be to get as much revision and reading in, i thought it would be easy but as it happened was a little harder than first thought, theres a lot to take in, in a short space of time.
i`m more practicle than theoreticle so did seem to run close to using all the exam time up.
good luck

08-10-11, 12:24 PM
I found the Air law intensive and there are a few questions that are not in the Cosgrove book, I passed but was told by my instructor to swat up on the Alcohol limits for Breath, Blood & Urine, low and behold that Question was in the paper,
I bought myself a copy of the AFE PPL course Q&A Simplifier edition 5. I know its aimed more at GA but it's helped me get through, I just have the Nav to do and I'm working with the book , hope it gets me through

dave nixon
08-10-11, 13:02 PM
Get plenty of t/ of velocity practice like no tomorrow ,get first part wrong puts everything else out hour and half exam

08-10-11, 13:18 PM
Hi Mick,

i used Jeremy Pratts books as well. I was quite suprised/dissapointed when i did my exams how much the cosgrove had left out especially in air law and met. When i did those 2 exams there were at least 3 or 4 questions that were not covered by the cosgrove book.
Even the Pratt books were aimed at the GA pilots I found the jeremy pratt books more useful as i felt that cozzy only touched on the subjects.

With your nav exam Dave i was given the wizzy wheel to use and i'd never seen one before, but my examiner was top notch and showed me how to use one and it made things a lot easier

08-10-11, 13:59 PM
Yeah Slarti. I got the whizz wheel off ebay as with the Trevor Thom Air pilots Manual vol3 Nav, it's a great book for explaining the 1-60 rule on the whizz & tonns of other useful info' like reading co-ordinates Stuff the Cosgrove book completely misses out (both book & wheel were a steal, they cost virtually peanuts for the info it provides) same with the Met' even though I passed the exam I still find reading the weather hard to understand as it can change in a heartbeat, for me it's not just about passing the exam, it's about soaking up all the knowledge I can to make me a safe pilot.
For the record if anyone is struggling to find the alcohol limits for pilots
BREATH - 9 Microgrammes Breath - 100Mls Breath
BLOOD -20 Milligrammes Blood - 100Mls Blood
URINE - 27 Milligrammes Urine - 100Mls Urine
Note the Breath is Microgrammes not milligrammes
Hope this helps.

08-10-11, 15:06 PM
Stu, where's you award gone?

simon gib
07-12-14, 10:34 AM
does anyone know where i can get a copy of the "air law for microlights", im quite happy to buy one if anyone has a spare, or if anyone knows where i can get hold of a copy

dave nixon
07-12-14, 13:18 PM
P m me Simon u can have mine,Dave

29-12-16, 14:30 PM
does anyone know where i can get a copy of the "air law for microlights", im quite happy to buy one if anyone has a spare, or if anyone knows where i can get hold of a copy

Is this book any good? If not what else can I use to supplement cosgrave (which seems a little light on the air law sections from what I can work out)

The instructor has given me some trial questions. I got around pass mark without really trying too hard, but a lot of those were educated guesses (there were only 3 options and in a lot of cases with a bit of common sense it was easy to discount 2 wrong answers) and it would be nice to 'know' more answers. Even reading back through cosgrave a lot of them weren't in there.

Is knowing the answers to a lot of the trial questions enough ie. are a lot of the trial ones based on the real exam questions? I've no idea how it works, are there multiple exam papers or do you just get the same one until you pass it?

That said, its safety at the end of the day, so I dont really want to be scraping through on a multiple choice paper.

dave nixon
29-12-16, 15:50 PM
Simon must have finished with the copy I gave him,get him to send it to you

Dave Bugz
29-12-16, 17:16 PM
I think the pass mark is 75%, i just took Air Law, Human Performance and Aircraft tech and passed all three just using Cosgrove 8th Edition, didn't feel i needed any supplements. 86% 100% 86%. Just studying Met, aaahhh. Just keep reading it over and over, i am 54 so no youngster :oldtimer:
but didn't find them too bad.

Dave Bugz
29-12-16, 17:24 PM
Just see the last bit, there are 3 papers, if you fail the first, you then take paper two and if you fail the third paper my instructor said take up fishing.:roll:
Use the revision exams they do help. Have you tried Flexwing Scotland and Clear Prop and To the Clouds, all good exam papers to try.

dave nixon
29-12-16, 18:19 PM
Nav is the hardest exam,and the one to realy practice planing routes ,practice practice,the others are common sense answers if you have read book it will be cake walk

29-12-16, 21:51 PM
Thanks all. I'll have another look through cosgrove.

I think I read somewhere that sometimes the chapters overlap a bit, maybe I need to look in the other chapters. For example there were a few things on my sample air law exam about altimeter settings etc which weren't covered, but on reflection I bet they are in the other sections.

Will also try the websites listed above. I didn't want to just use sample exams, as its too easy to just learn the questions you have, then fail spectacularly when when they change slightly.