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13-06-11, 19:19 PM
I have been thinking about buying a S-4, but need advice. What is the max height for a pilot? I'm 5'10" and normally wear a helmet, I read in the LY accident report about there being headroom issues with that aircraft, is it a problem with all S-4's? Weight was another issue but I've been on a diet and by the time I'm be ready to commit to an aircraft I should be down to about 85kgs suited and booted. Any other info about the S-4 would be helpful, not the usual sales patter. What are they really like to fly?


13-06-11, 20:59 PM
I know someone who is selling an excellent example of a rans S-4 (the one on afors) and lack of headroom is the only reason he hasn't sold it yet. It's not the legroom that is the problem but if your long in the body it could be an issue.

Sean McDonald
13-06-11, 22:23 PM

Worth contacting Mike Hallam who does a RansMail newsletter. Link here: http://www.microlightforum.com/showthread.php?2923-Light-a-c-amp-RansMail&p=36940#post36940


13-06-11, 22:25 PM
I wonder what size person microlights are built for, at 5' 7" strapped in a C42 which I am training, I stretch with the rudder pedals and reaching over to the 'mag' switches

Sean McDonald
13-06-11, 22:47 PM
I'm 5' 5" and also in a C42. I started off with a memory foam pillow behind my back and a cushion to sit on! Now just have the pillow behind my back which puts me in reach of everything. Give it a try?