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13-07-11, 08:50 AM

Please see attached advert for AFORS. My gorgeous Skyranger 912S is up for sale. This aircraft is fully loaded with everything required for long distance touring. It is a beautiful example. Reason for sale : I have not been flying nearly enough since my little boy arrived 2 years ago, and I have also converted over to Weightshift and am interested in upgrading my little Pegasus XL and going fully Flex Wing.


13-07-11, 09:11 AM
Looks very nice!

What are you upgrading the XL to?

13-07-11, 11:32 AM
Thanks Katie,

Not 100% sure yet, I will look around for a good 912, I can also look at Europe as we are not limited to Section S here in Ireland. But until then I am loving the XL, I logged 17.5 hours in the XL the weekend before last. 3 amazing days of flying. I love flex wing flying now.


13-07-11, 12:17 PM
Someone going the right way for a change !! ;-)

Every flights an adventure in a flex , I was up on Monday and had an Apache come and give me a look.

Saw a heli in the distance coming towards me so I showed him some wing to make sure he had me visual, and was horrified when it started hovering to my left and turned towards me, obviously saw the rack of guns etc at that point !!

Circled each other for while, then he did a wing over (dunno what u call it in a heli) down to ground level and shot off like a bullet !!

Cant get enough of it, flex is kin awesome !! I just cant believe its a minority sport, why isn't everyone flying ?? Weirdos !

01-08-11, 17:59 PM
Not a whole lot of interest in G-UPTA , a few phone calls and e-mails, but nothing solid. I was out in my Skyranger for 5 hours on Saturday, It's a fabulous airplane, actually so fabulous that I think I'm mad selling it and might just pull it back off the market. I just fancied a change, but it would be very hard to beat what I have for the money.

01-08-11, 19:31 PM
I think your nuts to sell it. Stay on the light side Skywalker...