View Full Version : What can i use to remove blueing from quik exhaust`s

20-09-11, 12:52 PM
The exhaust`s on my R seem to have turned blue and brown.
Is there any sort of polish that can bring it back to a chrome look?
I have tried a compound and brasso but no luck.

20-09-11, 14:04 PM
autosol, get it from halfords. if you ue quidco then register your payment card there for a small discount

20-09-11, 16:50 PM
Think you need to live with it !

You'll only be chasing your tail trying to get rid !

dave nixon
20-09-11, 17:42 PM
Your'e not running a bit lean are you ?I don't have that prob mat black.

20-09-11, 19:26 PM
I would suggest having them chromed I was thinking of black chrome but would need to find out if it needed mod paperwork done

20-09-11, 22:03 PM
I know a man that can ;)

Carl Bayliss
20-09-11, 22:29 PM
It is just unfortunate microman that stainless and heat are not best friends, it will start to discolour very quickly. Polishing them with autosol will get them back to original (depending how brown they are may take a fair amount of elbow grease if you haven't got polishing wheels). I used to have a thing about polishing my bikes frames, swingarm, wheels, brake discs etc so I had all the kit.

If you couldn't be bothered with the hard work, get them cleaned professionally then keep on top of them with autosol. Even getting them chromed, they will discolour, used to work with the two strokes as the exhaust didn't get as hot.

I am just looking into how much of a ball ache it would be to get a titanium system made for my GT, I have posted elsewhere about trying to keep my old stainless rotax system clean, I went back to painted steel in the end, I got fed up with polishing after every flight!

andy dixon
03-10-17, 22:00 PM
A brand new manifold pipe and a afternoons work on the polishing wheel for the silencer, "you can see your smile in the shine"
And the second picture is 3 hours flying later........don't think I'll be keeping up to it on a daily basis !