View Full Version : Time for the Cup to get moving!

Rick Moss
31-10-11, 08:31 AM
It looks like the cup has been at Great Oakley for getting on for 2 months. This is a disgrace people!

There must be someone within striking distance of Suffolk who would care to get it moving again, otherwise I'll have to do it myself (and a 310mi round trip is a pain... I can get to France and back from the Midlands for that!).

I nominate Katie.

31-10-11, 08:45 AM
I'd do it myself, but my round trip is even further ...... (8,890 Nm each-way according to Google)

31-10-11, 09:12 AM
Its def still there, saw it yesterday !!

Looked like it had a thin coating of dust and PG was spitting cob webs !!

31-10-11, 09:33 AM
Oh dear :( I had expected PG was being well looked after at Great Oakly, perhaps I will lauch a recuse attempt, but if I get him safely back to Chatteris he will be off somewhere else again in about 2 days :rolleyes:

31-10-11, 13:02 PM
He lasted about two days in York too :-)

colin buckley
31-10-11, 14:18 PM
Where is Great Oakly?

Pip Pip

31-10-11, 14:48 PM
The card is on www.airfieldcards.com

31-10-11, 15:17 PM
The card is on www.airfieldcards.com

Perhaps it should be united with the Medway Travellers Cup which has gone AWOL.


andy dixon
31-10-11, 17:15 PM
is the monkey still missing or is it with the cup ?
coz here in south yorkshire we have an identical (if not him) monkey in the club house sat on the shelf ?

31-10-11, 17:27 PM
PG is in the cup, at least I think its the original !

dave nixon
01-11-11, 19:53 PM
Too far 4 me,someone get it to the midlands and i will have a bash,not birmingham int, ican see some of you bright sparks mind jingleing.