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06-02-12, 17:42 PM
Hi all.

Does anyone know of fixed wing hangarage options in Lancashire? I was training in an Ikarus last year at Baxby as I currently live in Yorkshire but may well be moving to the Burnley area in time (girlfriend). I need to restart my lessons which is fine from Baxby but to have my own aircraft (or share of) it'll be a bit far. I can't seem to find any joy for fixed wing hangarage. One option would be just to convert to Flex-wing as there seem to be more options. Any thoughts please?

06-02-12, 19:03 PM
Hi why are you moving here???
secondly there might be hangarage space up at Rossall Field, Cockerham, You will need join the club, PM me if you need the tel number, I don't think St Michaels can hanger 3 axis apart from the club trainer, but I could be wrong,
Also Houghton (Nr Blackburn) but no one seems to know much about this site.

Carl Bayliss
06-02-12, 19:38 PM
As already mentioned as far as I am aware there is hangerage at Rossall. Last I heard there was also hangerage at Brook farm (a few miles from Rossall)

06-02-12, 20:19 PM
Thanks. I've met a girl from Burnley and seem to spend most weekends there. Seems we'll get a place together eventually so I need something more local than Baxby (which is a great club). I spoke to the instructor from St Michaels who told me I could keep one outside under covers. Also he is considering a new 4 person syndicate of a new Thruster but ideally I'll have my own little aircraft to myself (or possibly selling a share at a later date). I'll check out Rossall.