View Full Version : Changing my pod and spats etc

02-03-12, 19:33 PM
Got an old raven in the barn for rework and to be my new short distance machine this year. Its a fuji robin 440 example and i have applied for the following mods:
Pod change for a type of my own design,
Spats changed for type of my own design,
Addition of battery, headlight and charging circuit. This is the first of two aircraft that i have planned.
Reason for pod change is that i suspect the one that is fitted is a non approved mod as Medway dont recognise it.

03-03-12, 22:19 PM
Made good progress today. Pod and spats removed. Fuel tank removed for a respray. Engine refitted . Time for some fibreglass work for the new parts.

04-03-12, 20:21 PM
Sounds like a fun project! Post some pics too! :-)

07-03-12, 23:10 PM
Plastic parts have been collected to use as the basic moulds for the fibreglass parts. Managed to get some very good and varied shapes to play with.
Tank and fire shield primed and undercoated. Gotta leave for 24 hours before a coat of petrol resistant lacquer.
Prop has been stripped and cleaned up, needs a coat or two of varnish.
I need to decide on the new spat shapes.