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26-03-12, 22:36 PM
Hi everyone I'm thinking this is a question we all want answering
I'm needing some Advanced VSX 2 stroke oil
where's the place to buy at the moment and what cost for 10 or 12 one litre bottles ?

Perhaps keep this post updated for all oils we use

P Kelsey
26-03-12, 23:17 PM
7.75 a litre if purchased in 20 litre or 8.50 if purchased in 12 litre.

vicky G
26-03-12, 23:58 PM
IF you go to france for the day Max, local hypermarket in Calias . two stroke oil , a dam site cheaper than what we pay here , same specks and a stronger colour when mixed . might be worth a run over there

27-03-12, 11:25 AM
Opie Oils have quite a range, including VSX. They claim to beat any price:


27-03-12, 11:59 AM
Why specifically Advance VSX ?

The Rotax manual specifies that the oil must meet or exceed the standard API-TC which many other two-stroke oils do.

27-03-12, 22:06 PM
Thanks for the info guy's n girls giving them a call in morning
Hello Vicky G I'm going to France in June but need oil now, but will check the prices over there
Gentreau My engine only knows this oil and I'm confident using it, my chioce :-)

28-03-12, 18:55 PM
Rang for oil prices today and having 12 x 1 ltr bottles delivered friday at 7.45 per litre from OPIE OILS CO.UK

Thanks to NigelJ for the info