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09-04-12, 17:12 PM
Hi there all,
I head out to France Friday (13-Apr) to continue with my training, the question I have is, I am booked in on Wednesday morning to see my doctor to have my medical signed off, now after reading a thread on here about the issues some people have had get it signed off, is it possible if i don't get it signed off before i go would a scanned copy be OK to use should i get to go solo?

Thanks for any help you can give


09-04-12, 17:20 PM
I'd have thought so, Mark. It could be that the instructor doesn't even mention it prior to the decision to send you solo. Mine didn't. As I had been training since the wheel was invented, he probably just assumed I had one (I did.)

If you've got an appointment to see your doctor, I don't see that you'll have any problem to get it signed right then and there, assuming there are no health issues to prevent it. Don't work up a high blood pressure just thinking about it! Theoretically, it is just supposed to be a review of your medical files, no medical or anything .... but ....

vicky G
09-04-12, 18:30 PM
Mark Your doctor should sign it there and then. if he needs to to see you , other wise you will have to wait untill he signs it with all the days prescriptions . talk to the receptionist , did you give them all of the sheets ? if so there should be no problem . have a great time . did you get your check sheets printed ?

11-04-12, 14:22 PM
Just a quick update guys & girls, I was in to see the doctor this morning now it turns out that my old doctor has now retired, so I was booked in to see the new guy, at this point I was starting to get nerves, and he started the conversation with the words "Hooo pilots medical errrrrmmmmm" so I jumped in and explained that he was just signing off my history to that of someone that drives for a living say HGV,

So he had a quick play with the computer then filled it in signed and stamped it job done

Happy Days not long now :smileyvault-super:

11-04-12, 18:50 PM
Nice one Mark,

I had a similar problem, had to get it signed on the same day I was flying out. Dr signed it but stated valid for 6 months as they hadn't seen me for 12 years! Insisted I came back for a full medical on my return!

I've actually registered at a different doctors instead as I moved 10 years ago and am getting it signed at the new doctors instead.

Have fun next week, we'll be watching the blogs :-)

dave nixon
18-04-12, 20:01 PM
Mine in the end cost me 118 quid robbed i couln't be ar--d to argue

18-04-12, 21:16 PM
Mine in the end cost me 118 quid robbed i couln't be ar--d to argue

:o jeez, dropped the form off at the surgery, rang 3-4 days later to see if i could pick it up to be told it wasn't done yet. got home from work that day and it was on the mat, they had posted it first class the previous day!! all for the princely sum of bugger all! :D

dave nixon
19-04-12, 08:36 AM
Yea well and trully shafted,and they say us mechanical masters are robbers :nutkick:

19-04-12, 08:56 AM
Yea well and trully shafted,and they say us mechanical masters are robbers :nutkick:

I bet the doctor looked at your file, sucked in the air between his teeth and said
"Ooooh, this is gonna be a tricky one, your spline trunnion's gone and then the cross-shaft'll need recalibrating!"

dave nixon
19-04-12, 10:14 AM
He didn't have much to look at fell of building 1986 broke wrist etc hernia opp 2004 thats it held hgv licence30 yrs blank blank cash please ,im sure there are some doctors on this forum ,what ever job we do we all charge differently.