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21-04-12, 20:52 PM
Sony NEX 7 Camera

Today I got my new Sony camera so hopefully I will get better photos with its 24 mega pixels sensor, I have added a few samples I got today but had to make them smaller for upload, the panoramic photo is 17mb in file size and was 8192x1856 Pixels before upload. I have tested the Video, but no upload as of this time as on the best setting its 20 mb a second for data. Simon from this forum might like the panoramic photo as he flew into Lee today to buy it, its the one on the right, very nice Sky Ranger.

This is my latest youtube video over the Devon countryside


Jon S
21-04-12, 21:27 PM
If you like playing with Panoramas - have you seen Wpanorama?
It's a free panorama viewer / Screen saver for most versions of Windoze.
I've had it running on an XP machine for a couple of months. 1 thing I like about it is, you can build a list of panoramas up and it will select them at random from the list.
It also automatically senses wether its horizonal or vertical panorama...

22-04-12, 19:45 PM
A few photos i got today, all photos have been made smaller for upload

22-04-12, 21:05 PM
Love that heli pic !!

23-04-12, 17:25 PM
excellent pics Brian, hand held or mounted?


23-04-12, 19:54 PM
excellent pics Brian, hand held or mounted?


hand held8-)