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26-04-12, 15:53 PM
Here is a link I have been given for Bing Carb Parts from Germany. I translated with google, but not quite sure how you pay. I am sure someone on here can figure it out


26-04-12, 16:26 PM
Looks like you need a german bank account to send then an Uberweisung (bank transfer)

I sent them a message to see if it's possible to pay by card .....

26-04-12, 16:34 PM
A friend of mine had some parts recently, he has a uk bank account but did mention some sort of bank transfer.
Parts are a lot cheaper on there I think.

26-04-12, 17:04 PM
Quite possibly you could send the transfer, but it would be much simpler to pay by PayPal ....

26-04-12, 18:06 PM
Always good to have an alternative, but I think Motobins are cheaper?
http://www.motobins.co.uk/displayfinal.php?q=086&s=0&subs=086&model=&title=BING CARBURETTOR PARTS 1970 ON
32mm carb

26-04-12, 20:36 PM
Anyone who has a web site selling stuff that doesn't take PayPal is a dipstick IMHO

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27-04-12, 18:44 PM
Reply from the german company.

You order the parts, they send you a bank account number, you transfer the money, they post the goods.
They don't seem to like cards of any type.

27-04-12, 19:09 PM
It is the charges incurred using bank cards for the supplier I have to pay out between 75 and 250 per month to barclaycard for the privelage of my customers paying me by card (debit and credit) as for paypal there are charges incurred on that as well a bank transfer costs the seller nothing but might cost the buyer depending on your bank.