View Full Version : Where's the Cup ???

Phil Perry
30-07-12, 21:28 PM
I want to come and steal the cup this weekend, in a borrowed microlight.......

Can anyone give me a clue as to where it's hidden at the moment ???? It's about time it stayed at Otherton for a couple of days at least.....


Bill Scott
30-07-12, 22:19 PM
As at 1800hrs (local) Sunday 29 July 2012.... Priory Farm Int'l. Sitting on top of the telly in the hut :-)

30-07-12, 22:32 PM
It's a "well travelled " cup is that one Phil. It went from Coal Aston, Sheffield to Westonzoyland on Saturday then off to Prory Farm on Sunday......bloomin' monkeys'll be well jet-lagged !!:rofl:

31-07-12, 08:35 AM
Good idea Phil,

Otherton is so within reach of Broadmeadow, 2 excuses for a visit :-)

dave nixon
31-07-12, 18:07 PM
Whats the other excuse Steve ,wouldn't be connected with food ? :D

Rick Moss
31-07-12, 19:15 PM
Hey Phil, if I've got my panel sorted by Saturday afternoon, we can take the Escapade to recover it.... happy to relinquish to Otherton, as there's never anybody at Calton Moor to release the simian and it's less significant beaker to the next intrepid member....

31-07-12, 19:35 PM
Might have to come to Oakley Rick, if it's still at Priory tomorrow and the weather holds I'm gonna nick it !
I think it's Priory Farms BBQ tomorrow night aswell !!

Rick Moss
31-07-12, 19:45 PM
Oakley is fine too.

31-07-12, 19:54 PM
What about PGs girlfriend? Is she still with him or did they split up :(

01-08-12, 08:44 AM
Both Monkeys and the cup were safely delivered to Weston Zoyland by A.K
Unfortunately during a high spirited Saturday evening fuelled by copious amounts of alcohol,</SPAN>
experiments were carried out [by some] regarding the two monkeys flying ability (without using aircraft).</SPAN>
In the cold sober light of morning, PG and the cup were recovered from the fridge at W.Z.</SPAN>
However, the whereabouts of PGs girlfriend were unfortunately not ascertained.</SPAN>
Despite searches of all rooftops in the vicinity, she is still missing in action.</SPAN>
P.G and the cup were taken back to Priory Farm, and are on the TV in the hut.</SPAN>
It is our Monthly (1st Weds) BBQ tonight, (all welcome, bring your own food) so we are expecting a raiding party.</SPAN>

01-08-12, 09:40 AM
Looks like I may not be part of that raid, gotta work late by the looks of things !!

01-08-12, 11:56 AM
In the cold sober light of morning, PG and the cup were recovered from the fridge at W.Z.


It's that part that makes me chuckle.:rolling: It must be my warped sense of humour !

dave nixon
28-12-18, 10:31 AM
Newton Peveral,south coast,I keep thinking I should bag it again,after crossing the Chanel with Sam to get him in 2012

dave nixon
01-01-19, 20:39 PM
Ok I was wrong it's moved from Newton Peveral,was going to get him today but was informed moved on,so which one of you lot have got him

06-01-19, 14:17 PM
Is there a way of keeping track where it is? I want to get hold of it!