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12-08-12, 21:56 PM
Hi to Shadow owners (and potential Shadow buyers) around the world,

I'm offering my collection of Shadow documents, manuals, tests and articles for free download. :-)
My plan is to collate all the technical information and pilot guides for the Shadow series into one place for the benefit of owners and other interested folk.

The main download page has many of the technical docs that I've found, such as Pilotís Notes, TADS, Mandatory Permit Directives + Service Bulletins.
flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/the-shadow-microlight-series/manuals-documents/ (http://flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/the-shadow-microlight-series/manuals-documents/)
Unfortunately, some of the docs that I have collected are very, very large files, so they aren't on the website (e.g. Construction Manual 'D' is 244x JPEGs totalling 79MB; Service Manual 'B' is 22x PDF files totalling 19MB).

I've included a second download page with Shadow Tests + Articles published in the UK.
flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/the-shadow-microlight-series/tests-articles/ (http://flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/the-shadow-microlight-series/tests-articles/)

These pages are still under construction Ė please let me know if:

any links arenít working
you have any of the articles as better quality files or as a smaller file sizes
you know how to combine multiple files into single documents of a suitable file size for downloading
you have the docs to fill in the 'gaps', especially for the Shadow D and the Streak/Star Streak

Thanks in advance.

There is also a page of general info about the Shadow series and David Cook, its designer.
flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/the-shadow-microlight-series/ (http://flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/the-shadow-microlight-series/)

Terry Aspinall has made a comprehensive "David Cook - Aviator" website which has lots of news articles about David Cook, Shadow photos, video and history, plus stories from Shadow pilots. I'm hoping that my pages will complement Terry's, so I won't try to duplicate his work. Please visit his site at www.davidcookaviator.com/ (http://www.davidcookaviator.com/)


www.flymicro.co.nz (http://www.flymicro.co.nz)

14-05-13, 17:17 PM
Hi Goose, My name is Dave Tanner, and I know that this post was put up last year, but do you own the aircraft in the photo, and still have it? Also can you tell me how many Shadows are in NZ? Would appreciate your info, and also I may be able to fill you in with some and some doc,s Cheers Dave.

14-05-13, 20:41 PM
Hi Dave
Yes, I own the aircraft ZK-KLH in the photo. It was originally kit-built in 1988 as a Shadow B-D and fitted with a 65hp Rotax 532 engine. It had many engine problems and hasn't flown for 17 years. I'm currently re-building it with a new 582 engine. See http://flymicro.alphaoutdoors.co.nz/fly-micro/projects/
There are 5 Shadow B-D microlights in NZ:- ZK-FMY (503), ZK-TTE (532), ZK-KLH (582), ZK-FSG (503), ZK-MAX (503). There is a photo of each one at: http://www.davidcookaviator.com/david-cook/shadows-and-owners.html

What docs would you have copies of? I'm still keen to fill the gaps.

www.flymicro.co.nz (http://www.flymicro.co.nz/)