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Bob T
11-02-09, 18:10 PM
I offered the use of my airfield to members of this forum before we moved to the permanent home. Here it is again.
I have a small grass strip just south of Perigueux in the Dordogne, France. It is only officially 150 meters long, but there is enough room either end to measure about 220 meters.
Anyone from here can use it for free if they want. There is a hangar which has my Tanarg in it and another flexwing will fit in with the wing removed. There is planty of room to tie down outside and there is also plenty of shelter from any wind. Any visitors may put up a tent if they wish at no cost, but there is a B&B within a mile or so. There are no facilities except for a small gas burner and kettle in the hangar, but visitors will be offered the free ferry service by car to get fuel or lunch if they need it. I have jerry cans.
I would expect any visitors would like my wife and I to show them around the area in the Tanarg and am up for that.
If you are planning to come over then have a look at http://www.nav2000.com/. Click on the Recherche sur carte on the left and when you see the map of France click just under the D in Bordeaux. Then click on LFBE Bergaerac and you will see the airfields in the area, mine is not yet on that map but Galinat (LF2460 450 meter strip) is to the right of the map and is also an airfield that I have some control over, and is also free to use. If anyone wants a Garmin Mapsource file with all the French airfields on it then send me a PM with an email address and I will oblige.