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Ronny Larsson
14-02-09, 12:06 PM

Are you using this mod in the UK ?
I had 3 springs that broke in under 20 H when I did my training,and even if I Was lucky that the propp was intackt this made me think....

14-02-09, 19:16 PM
Hi Ronnie.

I have a quasar and my mate has a Quantum. My exhaust looks nothing like that. Mine is held onto the manifold with springs alone. Oh, and a couple of loop straps. I'll takes some photo's next time I'm at the airfield.

Ronny Larsson
14-02-09, 20:19 PM
I had it that way before but got this mod to get rid off the springs..

If some one is out to get them here is where I found them http://www.ultralightnews.ca/exhaustsys ... struts.htm (http://www.ultralightnews.ca/exhaustsystems/streamlinedstruts.htm)

12-03-09, 00:00 AM
What a top idea! Like you say Ronny, it beats the hell out of a spring embedding itself into your prop.

Ronny Larsson
12-03-09, 20:35 PM
Not only your propp, if that pice of spring hit the propp and then tear you trailing edge of the wing !!!!