View Full Version : 912 starter removal. anyone done it ??

11-12-12, 04:33 AM
Has any one had a go at removing the starter motor from the 912 with the engine still in place. ??

looks like it hits on the top of the suspention leg before coming out ?

would like to give it a o-haul, occationally dont turn over, giv it a tap , and away she goes.....just like an old mini I had...

can we get new brushes anywhere ??



11-12-12, 23:12 PM
there was a thread on here a while ago about pattern starters at around a quarter of the price of Rotax but as we all know Rotax buy them in so probably off the same assembly line

12-12-12, 07:32 AM
If you do find out, let us know and we'll make it sticky in the 'parts available elsewhere'

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12-12-12, 21:33 PM
should have said 912 BLADE so you know what aircraft.....doh...
will be checking the earths and joints first, some may have noticed my question about the 912 Blade battery ?

the picture shows my old Quantum not the new Blade... [someone will notice the detail !!]


dave nixon
12-12-12, 21:39 PM
If not connections ,its normaly the solenoid part thats us has it done many hours ?P/S the contacts inside burn with high amp draw ,you could check and file up to clean,but if done loads of hours ,you may have to bit the bullet.400 from Skydrive.

12-12-12, 21:53 PM
the A/C uas 2400hrs, solinoid appears OK as I did bridge the terminals and still the Started didnt turn over, couple of taps on the motor and away she went. still suspect bushes worn. I used to replace brushes on a regular basis at work on similar motors, and I do Have a couple of car starter refirb shops nr me, so If I can get it off I can get it checked. but looking at it the other day, it maybe an engine out , to gain enough space to get the starter out !!