View Full Version : Have you got a Tanarg?

23-02-09, 10:23 AM

Any Tanarg owners out there prepared to let me have a go in it? Would love to have a go in a tanarg.

Bob T
23-02-09, 12:23 PM
No problem, but it is a bit far for you to travel! Give Paul a ring at Sywell, I am sure that he will have a demo Tanarg.

25-02-09, 00:55 AM
Sadly they've not. I think they are building one at the moment, but it's with the new 13 metre wing and there's all the british paperwork to go through. It won't be ready until the summer :(

Ronny Larsson
19-03-09, 09:42 AM
@ BobT

What trim speed range du you have with your wing and what is the VNE ? And do you have the speeds of the 13Sq meter wing ?

Regards Ronny.

Bob T
19-03-09, 15:03 PM
Ronny, I have the Ixess 15 on mine and can just about trim it down to 90 kmh (56mph) and up to about 120 kmh (75mph), with pressure on the bar 135 kmh is no problem. Not sure what the VNE is as I never go above about 155 kmh. The 13 wing should be a little faster but you would need to check the Aircreation website for the figures.

Ronny Larsson
19-03-09, 15:30 PM
Thx Bob, I think that there webpage is crap (sorry ) for your wing it says minimum speed 60 km/h maximum 125 km/h but they never say what VNE is .... The ixess 13 from 62-150.. no VNE.

19-03-09, 15:48 PM
Surely there's a plate on the plane with a VNE?

Bob T
19-03-09, 15:54 PM
No way can you fly mine at 60 kmh two up! You would need to put so much pressure on the bar that it would be mega uncomfortable. The minimum speed is probably around that but you can only use it for landing. Don't forget that some wings can be trimmed at the wingtip to make them faster or slower, and I would not think that any two wings are the same.
I don't see the need to fly faster as it just means that you have more wind noise. I tend to enjoy time in the air rather than distance covered so faster would do much for me.
I did consider the Quik and GT450 when I bought mine and could have bombed around the sky faster, but the comfort of the Tanarg just cannot be matched by any P&M offering. I would also say that the build quality is in a very different league.

Mike fly in Phuket
21-09-09, 02:47 AM
Hi - I've just got my 912ES Tanarg and iXess 13 - the VNE is 103 mph. I've only flown a few hours in her but she trims fine at 75 mph two-up. Remember it's hot here (Thailand) so I probably start with a Density Altitude of about 4-5,000 feet by UK standards. Mike