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28-04-13, 21:27 PM
I am in the middle of a mod on my Blade to change the position of the Pitot, I have submitted a modification to the BMAA to change the pitot to the type fitted to the Quantum and Quasar, maybe even the Quick [not seen one at our airfield] to check position.

I am always knocking the pitot hanging out of the port side of my pod at knee height.... catching it with my clothing..... and knocking it when rigging.

I have a confirmation of NTO from Roger at P&M, and discussing this with the BMAA all seems to be ticking along nicely.

so If any one is interested let me know... costs so far 11 in parts.... 50 mod fee. .

28-04-13, 22:04 PM
You can also run the pitot to the pressure side of the instrument, on the nose as they do on the Quik, but you will need a pipe to a static port.

As this is standard fitment on the Quik, and that is a P&M type, you should have less bother?



28-04-13, 22:46 PM
hi kev
thats what ive done,

wing hang point actuator, as per your system in also in the mod. pipeline...
thanks for your help


29-04-13, 09:36 AM
That's what I've got on my F2A, didn't think a mod was necessary as it's not a legal obligation to have an ASI

Carl Bayliss
29-04-13, 17:05 PM
That's what I've got on my F2A, didn't think a mod was necessary as it's not a legal obligation to have an ASI

ASI is a required instrument on BMAA aircraft.

29-04-13, 19:23 PM

please refer to TAD BM23 ISSUE 14 failure to comply with this document, invalidates your permit to fly !!!


any Modification that has not been signed off by the BMAA will also put you in the same boat.....its your choice to change your
aircraft..as long as you dont crash it or get caught with a spot check by the CAA.... Or need to claim on your insurance.


30-04-13, 15:39 PM
Well, it says an ASI to min 90mph, doesn't say which one or where the pitot tube is, so according to this document all is still ok.
Thank you anyway for the information, it's the same as I had so seems good.

24-05-13, 17:10 PM
All legal now... so if anyone wants to move their pitot as per Quasar, Quantum, Quick you can ref : G-BYJB min mod 1539