View Full Version : Is a Mini max a good buy or a goodbye ?

Russ KiBride
21-05-13, 16:04 PM
I am looking at Mini max's on afors and from what I can gather most are in the 180 - 190kg empty weight range, checking the ones that are for sale the mtow looks to vary from 254kg on the red one and green one to 238kg on the cream one.

Am I correct that the red one and green one are only likely to have a 74kg - 64kg weight allowance for pilot & fuel and that the weight allowance on the cream one could be as low as 58kg - 48kg for pilot & fuel.

I am told the Mini max has a 38 litre fuel tank, if I buy and fill the tank would I really have only 47kg - 37kg for pilot weight in the red one and green one and 31kg - 21kg in the cream one.

I must be missing something as I can't see how at my weight of 86kg I can legally fly any Mini max, how do others do it legally.

I had hinted to me that 318kg is the unofficial mtow http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-MAX which would at least keep me under the unofficial mtow figure if I flew with full tanks.