View Full Version : Ades Sky Ranger

16-03-09, 21:27 PM
Thought I'd put a pic of my BEAST :evil: on here as this area looks a little deserted.

16-03-09, 21:52 PM
Did you build it yourself Ade?

17-03-09, 10:24 AM
No, bought it late last year with 140 hours on her from a guy at Plaistows, Herts. He'd bought it from two guys who built it at Plaistows, apparently it was their third build of a SkyRanger. Its quite a nice build though.
I toyed with the idea of building my own but the thought of not being able to fly during the build process put me off. Maybe one day. The new SkyRanger Nynja looks a nice one for the future so you never know, if funds allow, and we can get some normality back into the financial situation.
Ade :)

17-03-09, 14:29 PM
There's a couple at Rufforth in the hanger. I know one of the guys and he built it himself. Complete with rotax 912. I had a go in one with Stuart Bond when he was at Crossland Moor.