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Ben W
19-03-09, 16:26 PM
Hey all, I've been considering my post training options and am looking to possibly buy a share in a T600 Sprint. I have a question, I'm around 6ft 1 so what will it be like for me with regards to legroom. My previous flying has been in a C42 which I found spacious and comfortable. Does anyone here know how the Thruster would compare?

Thanks for your help,

20-03-09, 20:37 PM
We have had students taller than you flying our T600N with no problems although two big guys can be tight across the shoulders. As the instruments are mounted in a central binnacle there is seldom a problem with leg room.
A Thruster is a bit more spartan than a C42 (like a proper microlight) but it gives a decent cruise speed (don't be fooled because the ASI reads in knots not MPH) a good range if fited with a Jab (our gives 10ltrs per hour and carries 50 ltrs if the cockpit weight is resonable). Handling is brilliant and you have probably the toughest undercarriage in the business. So if you don't mind your aircraft looking like a microlight rather than a shrunken GA ;) you'd be pushed to do better

Ben W
20-03-09, 20:59 PM
Thanks Ginge, that's just the response I was hoping for. This long term dream of mine is slowly becoming a reality. :D I know what you mean about the whole 'real' microlight thing, I may only have limited GA experience but from what I could see the C42 only really differed in being slightly slower and having slightly fewer gizmos to fiddle with. It's the idea of late summer afternoon bimbles with friend that first got me interested in flying and for that something like a Thruster would appear perfect. When money allows I'd like a share in both a Thruster and in a C42 or similar, best of both worlds then. When I finally save the 1000 for a share in the Thruster I'll start proper training. Shouldn't be long, I really can't wait.


21-03-09, 08:39 AM
Be careful you could get Thruster adicted and end up with the ultimate fun machine, the TST open taildragger

22-03-09, 12:08 PM
Of course, if you get a taildragging Thruster Sprint you'll get speed, quirky looks and fun all in one machine.
100kt+ Vne and 100mph+ cruise

Ben W
22-03-09, 13:44 PM
Haha, I think I'll try and concentrate on getting my training sorted first... Who knows what the future will hold though. :smile:


P Kelsey
14-04-11, 18:23 PM
Just flown a T600N that was converted by Mark Jones into a T600 Sprint. Seems to fly quite nicely on a 582 I am getting 55- (60kias @ 5500rpm ( which isn't quick, luckily today I had a slight tailwind and managed 59.6 miles in 51mins which equates to 69.9mph (avg 60.8kts groundspeed )

I was fortunate that Mark was able to 'cobble' together a Radio system after the tosspots at Edinburgh Airport screening managed to lose my ICOM PTT in their screening of my aviation goodies before I flew down to collect the T600N !!!

Also managed to meet John Hamer and Sean McDonald at Wing Farm, Sean was there looking at a Hot Ship to buy, hope he has as it looked a nice kite :inlove:
Strangely you get a picture in your mind of how you think someone will look and Sean wasn't anything like I thought !!! Two things struck me instantly : (1) He didn't have professor hair (2) He didn't have a Bentley either !!! ( it looked more like a Bugatti Veyron ) So looks are deceiving or at least how you perceive someone !!!

I was slightly cramped in the T600N as I had a shedload of clobber with me !!! but it handles nicely.