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14-07-13, 12:51 PM
On Friday evening I got away from work and headed down to the airfield and pulled out my XL for a flight of 1 hour to Limetree. After a nice visit I was returning to the strip and decided as the evening was so beautiful and still to descend down from 2,500ft to 600ft. At the half way point just out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Powered Paramotor. The pilot and wing were moving at a good speed and once I realised in which direction he was moving I flew along beside him for a minute, we waved each other off and as I broke high to the right I was rewarded with a little demonstration of what his machine could do. He was throwing it about and performing some very impressive manoeuvres. Looked like great fun and it was great to see from the air. Cracking weather for it.


14-07-13, 16:21 PM
They wasnt manoeuvres that was prop wash and he was hanging on for his life :-) :-)

14-07-13, 20:14 PM
I decided to descend on return from a nice flight one evening,then the engine went quiet and I wrote the machine off.If I'd stayed high I would have made an old Raf base with no hassle at all.when its rebuilt I would think carefully about flying low,and I was at 1000'.

martin sanderson
15-07-13, 09:04 AM
Sounds good I would like to fly past some hot air balloons

15-07-13, 16:40 PM
Hi Martin,

I was lucky to dance with a Balloon a couple of weeks ago. Pictures attached. Unfortunately I did not take my camera with me on Friday so as to snap the Powered Paraglider.
I agree Parky, I don't make a habit of flying below 2,000ft normally, I was just so tempted on this particular evening as all was ok with engine temps and the weather was perfect. But I agree that going below 2,000ft is risky, but I was happy to have seen the paramotor.