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06-04-09, 20:10 PM
Does anyone have experience with or own one of these aircraft? I don't own or even part own one yet (im hopefull) but would be very interested to hear from anyone who does. They look stunning however seem to be a rare bird in many respects and iv'e never seen one in the UK. The Pitts has long been my favourite light aircraft but is completely out of the question in more ways than one and this looks like a good way to get into flying a classic looking Bi Plane with modern manufacturing and equipment on an NPPL/M. In particular i would be interested to know if this aircraft would qualify for microlight status in the UK with a 912 up front, a couple of 70-80 KG bods and enough juice for a few hours flying. There are a couple on Afors so they clearly exist here however iv'e not stumbled across a 4 stroke as yet.

Link as below.

http://www.murphyair.com/murphyair/Airc ... eDesc.html (http://www.murphyair.com/murphyair/Aircraft/Renegade/RenegadeDesc.html)


07-04-09, 16:44 PM
Hi Dave, nice looking beasts aren't they a guy on a airstrip near us has one, it's the second one that he has owned.
The one that he has at present is Jab powered, before that he had a 582 powered one, he has flown both of them a good deal and only parted with the earlier one because he had the chance to buy the one he has now. As far as I'm aware he has had no problems with either of them and reports slightly better performance with the 582 but greater fuel economy with the Jab. Another one that I knew of was based at Chatteris for many years and was still there when I last visited. That was again 582 powered and I think the owner would sooner part with his right arm than sell it
I have only seen one with a 912 that was a class A and reduced to single seat because of the weight.
I have never had the chance to fly one yet but when I was being instructed by Deepak he had one and rated it very highly, and his is an opinion that I hold in the greatest respect


08-04-09, 09:23 AM
Nice to hear that, there's a stunning one in the "Microlighting - Affordable Aviation" Publication I bought years ago with a black and orange paint job which is how it originally caught my eye. I've scoured the web and not read anything bad about these at all, the thought of flying an open cockpit 3 axis is appealing as it is however one that sports such a classic design and flying characteristics as this would be hard to beat....best of both worlds as it were. I'm not sure id be saying that in the winter though when it comes to the freezing cold weather although it's nothing a decent oozy couldn't fettle and at least your extremities are out of the airflow (yes im a softie!).

There's one here.
This one is a 582 (Probably long gone by now).

http://www.afors.com/index.php?page=adv ... 607&imid=0 (http://www.afors.com/index.php?page=adview&adid=8607&imid=0)

I wouldn't take very much persuading at all to form a 2 or 3 man syndicate on something like this although id prefer the smoothness, reliability and fuel economy of a 4 Stroke. Trouble is if I bought a machine that couldn't take my 90KG mate he would never forgive me as I cant take him flying in my current machine which im reminded of every time I fly.

Where is the guy you know based who has one?

09-04-09, 09:18 AM
He is based at his own strip at Wethersfield in Essex, his name is Francis Overall. The one that was at (probably still is) at Chatteris is owned by Roger Wood.
You may find, as I have, that flying an open 3 axis is unbeatable, no windows, no visor and just enough screen to keep the prop blast out of your face, there really is nothing like it. A decent Ozee does me just fine most of the time and on those good summer days (remember those?) flying in tee shirt and jeans is something else.
The only drawbacks to a 2 stroke are that it needs more maintenace and it drinks more fuel, a modern, well looked after 2 stroke is every bit as reliable as a 4 stroke in my experiance. The up side of 2 strokes are the intial cost (you can buy several for the price of the cheapest 4 stroke) and the power to weight ratio is unbeatable. It is nothing like as black and white as some would have you believe
Good luck

09-04-09, 10:33 AM
It's almost like dangling a carrot infront of a donkey. Ill continue to look into it, i suppose the next step is to get a ride in one and see for myself.
Ill keep it posted.
Good positive opinion on two strokes also, iv'e no experience with them but there are clearly advantages of both.