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27-08-13, 15:47 PM
Well, I'm hooked. I've started doing circuits and landings and can't get enough of it. So, it's time to start buying a few bits and pieces. Does any one have any suggestions on Flying Suits. Ozee seem to be the obvious, but which one? I've heard the milennium is very good and the Extreme not good at all. Are there any other makes I should look at? I will be flying mainly in North Wales, so I will nearly always need a well insulated suit, and I don't really want to buy one for summer and one for winter. Any suggestions please.

27-08-13, 16:02 PM
The Millenium is a great suit. Got caught in some rain last week and it kept me dry. Doesn't seem to get too hot in the summer, but keeps you warm in the cooler weather. Service from Ozee has always been excellent. They aren't cheap, but they are good.

27-08-13, 16:32 PM
Ozee Millenium all the way, purpose made and the best!!!!

27-08-13, 16:32 PM
I agree the Millenium suit from ozee is great, thermals and clothes, then the suit in winter. Forget the thermals in summer.

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27-08-13, 17:06 PM
I have the Ozee Millenium and also the Blue Sky Blue DBX suits. Both are equally good, equally warm and fairly equally priced. I have also had great service from both companies.

I did get the lighter weight Ozee Exeat for a few months to see if it made a good summer suit but it always felt a bit flimsy and probably more suited to the south of France than the north east of Scotland :)

27-08-13, 17:44 PM
Thanks everybody. It looks like the Millenium for me. Cheers.

27-08-13, 18:32 PM
Good choice!


27-08-13, 20:28 PM
+1 for the millennium suit.

I find mine universal for all seasons. Just put layers on underneath in winter.

27-08-13, 20:37 PM
I can confirm the Millennium also works well as a sleeping bag saving slept in it on Sunday night whilst camping at Eaglescott.

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dave nixon
27-08-13, 21:04 PM
Millennium it as good as the record toasty.