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30-09-13, 10:14 AM
Since I got only 47 hours on a microlight trike, I got a question regarding time difference when landing after another trike....(what spacing would be regarded safe) as in ......2 min or 3 min or more,

landed a few weeks ago after my mate ...maybe with 2 minutes difference and I got some real "dirty air" just about 20 feet in the air.



30-09-13, 11:55 AM
Hi Rob, many factors effect wake turbulance: wind is a big one on a still day WT will linger alot longer. you can come in higher and land after your mates touch down point and it shouldnt happen.
as for timing 2 minutes on a breezy day seems plenty.

30-09-13, 12:17 PM
Any crosswind component will cause the WT to drift down wind. We've got jets, helicopters and all sorts of things flying where I instruct. I find the easiest description is - try to visualise where a smoke trail from the preceding aircraft would be by the time you get there, and avoid you being where it would be. It does mean you need an awareness of what the wind is doing.

02-10-13, 13:28 PM
Depends a lot on what weather conditions are. I always awoid flying in hot summer calm evening if airflield is busy with lot of training flights and touch-and-goes. WT can stay and rotate up to 10 min. in hot and calm weather conditions especially if runway is concrete or asphalt surfaced. I always try to overfly the landing spot of an A/C in front of me (well, our runway is 1 km long). I have never experiensed WT if some crosswind, or in windy day in general. One of my students was well trained and instructed about possible WT and he insisted for solo flying in conditions as described above. He waited for about 5 min. in waiting zone to awoid WT after CTSW landing and he still went into WT and felt down from about half a meter. Nothing serious, just left wheel axis bended :).