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14-04-09, 10:23 AM
I posted this on the "other place" as well in the hope of finding some owners/part owners who may have slipped though the net

In case anybody here has not received the letter from the new Thruster factory yet, they are compiling an up to date list of Thruster owners. That is all of us, TST through to T600 Sprint, this is largely so that should any service bulletins be issued we will all get them without delay. They also confirm support for all Thruster models, which has got to be good news.
They are also asking for suggestions to make improvements to the present models, so if you have ideas put them in.
So if you have not yet received anything it would be a good idea to get in touch. Contact details are

Thruster Air Services
North Hangar
Wickenby Airfield

01673 885083


With full support from the factory in the UK and the massive knowledge base in Aus. that those who subscribe to the International Thruster Support Bulletin are aware of and the restart of the Vision Factory in Aus the future of these great aircraft seems bright