View Full Version : Blade 912 for sale, see AFORS

12-10-13, 23:20 PM
For Sale
912 Blade, with all the trimmings, boss bag, paniers, trike cover, wing & baton bags, wing cover Training bars, rear steering, metallic paint. 2 xl helmets, and headsets (possible A3 radio) mounting for 7 tablet, 12v sockets, HD video camera, flown 20hrs this year. New permit for sale. Well maintained, all up to date, Inspector owner
New trailer, ESSEX based. Fly or trailer away.. 9250


Contact Peter 07954 305006

Carl Bayliss
13-10-13, 09:45 AM
Nice to see JB popping up again, I've done a fair few hours in that Blade whilst she was at West Lancs :)