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02-01-14, 16:11 PM
January 2014 Photo Competition

Please reply to this thread with your photo, either as a picture hosted elsewhere or as an attachment to your message.

All comments will be left with the thread and a new thread started with a vote and a copy of each picture in turn. Poll will run for a week.

If anyone posts 2 photos only 1 will make it into the actual competition.

First three places will have their photos published in Max's new magazine. Anyone not wanting to support the magazine with their photo should make it clear with their posted picture.

Please read the rules (http://www.microlightforum.com/showthread.php?1465-Monthly-Photo-Competition-Rules-Please-Read).

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10-01-14, 23:17 PM
My wife took this snap with her new Nikon Coolpix camera, quite by chance, of Nelson Mandela's last flight to Qunu, flanked by two Gripen fighters, as the C130 carrying his coffin flew over our house in Pretoria East just after taking off from Waterkloof Airbase. It also captures the moment of the sadness I felt at seeing this great peacemaker leave us for ever.


11-01-14, 22:53 PM
10808 just a quick buzz round the clouds today

Carl Bayliss
11-01-14, 23:20 PM
10809 Taken today, Alan's first flight (with his partener Jane, upto the lakes from Ince) since getting his piece of paper back from the CAA in his sparkly new GT450 :)

11-01-14, 23:26 PM

"no rush" - Martin lands at Headon

12-01-14, 01:34 AM

Heading up the Severn

Ryszard Lewandowski
13-01-14, 14:29 PM

Taken during that flight (2014/01/06): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DiuelqR_qYk

16-01-14, 20:42 PM
Not much flying lately in North Wales so I had to enter this one of fantastic colours of the sunrise behind Snowdon last week.


16-01-14, 21:46 PM
So that's where you got to on Sunday, was trying to contact u on the Microlight channel.

La Goele
17-01-14, 10:06 AM

taken tuesday, 5 km from Luçon base
representative of our base environment in winter, located in the Marais Poitevin, all the fields around are half ground half water

19-01-14, 19:45 PM
cant seem to link to photos anymore?

Chris Kyne
20-01-14, 15:46 PM
Wow. Lots of blue cars in that "slice of pie" neighborhood.

dave nixon
28-01-14, 22:41 PM
Is it the Norfolk answer to Stepford John

Chris Kyne
29-01-14, 05:46 AM
Kasigau, Taita, Kenya, Sunday 26-01-14. Note to self, shopping list: bar mitts, flying suit.

dave nixon
29-01-14, 21:41 PM
Two AX 2000 at Little Malvern ,222 popped over.

Sean McDonald
29-01-14, 23:37 PM
Nice one boys.. Can they breed? Be nice to expand the family surely ;-)

[QQUOTE=dave nixon;94597]Two AX 2000 at Little Malvern ,222 popped over.[/QUOTE]

29-01-14, 23:39 PM
Good-Bye, Chambery and Mont Blanc..


dave nixon
30-01-14, 19:36 PM
The wings on the AX look different than I remember them 222,the ripples in the leading edge are a bit worrying,have a look in pic.

31-01-14, 12:10 PM
I've done a few mods :) which increased the MTOW to 64.000!