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13-03-14, 20:55 PM
Hi all,

Battery on a 912 Quantum is a YTX9-BS. Most of the Quik posse have now gone over to the YTZ14S-BS. P&M now fit this battery as standard, as it is the same dimensions (2mm shorter, 4mm higher) as the older, much lower current one, but solves a lot of starting problems. the main reason for this is the 230A cold cranking current of the new vs the 80A of the old.

Has anyone fitted the YTZ14S to a Quantum? I'm aware of the weight and balance issues.


13-03-14, 21:56 PM
Yes we have had one fitted for years as for the balance makes no difference ! You could be a heavy pilot with heavy boots or a light weight flying with ADIDAS Slingbacks not to mention with or without radio GPS IPad GoPro up front the difference is not gonna be flight critical ( but I'm sure some will tell you different ) hope this was of help.

13-03-14, 22:32 PM
Buy a li-ion. No weight=no balance issues. 400g max. :biggrin:

Bob T
13-03-14, 22:40 PM
No balance issues on a flexwing anyway. I like the cranking power of a Hawker Odyssey batteries and have them fitted to all the bikes and the Tanarg too. Aircreation now fit these as standard.

13-03-14, 23:57 PM
Its no surprise that problems happen with a tired 9AH battery turning over (or trying to) a 912

I can recommend the MotoBatt 14ah series (various dimensions to suit) , though I am sure there are plenty similar brands with the same spec/price ratio