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Sams Training

My Training Experience

  1. 18th Aug

    Well I started with best intentions but havent kept blog up to date !

    20 hours down. 4 Solo

    Havent got landings entirely sussed yet. When it gets a bit lumpy I often find myself going off track and in some instances needing to go around.

    Bought 582 Blade, its beautifull (well I think so)

    Still think wings are going to fall off.

    If weather plays ball should be done within the month !! Not in any real hurry but want to finish this ...

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  2. 21st MAY 2010

    1st Lesson - Damyns Hall Airfield

    I'm still pretty sure the wings are going to fall off at any moment. For the first half hour of the flight I'm concentrating on the fixings above my head, how many load cycles have they been through and how many can they take ?? In other words very nervous.

    Started to think I'm mad, what am I doing up here !

    The second half hour was fantastic starting to relax, and going through effects of controls. Turns pretty lousy either ...
  3. 19th May 2010

    I have never blogged before so please be kind in any comments. I am doing this as much for myself as for anybody else who may be deciding whether to take the same route as myself. I had my first trial flight last Friday in a P&M GT450 last week at AAA Microlights, Chatteris. It was a fantastic experience. Thanks Chris ! I have now booked my first lesson at 'Learn to Fly' Damyns Hall for tomorrow !! (Sorry Chris but your toooo far away).

    Seven years ago I quit paragliding due ...

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