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  1. First Solo Cross Country Nav Exercise

    Having done a dual cross country to Long Marston (from Enstone) a few weeks ago I had booked with Phil to try to do the solo on Friday, weather dependant.

    During the week the weather was looking favourable so i booked the Friday afternoon off work.

    Friday came and the weather was looking good, 6 kts from the west, good for enstone, not so good for long marston with runway alignment.

    Arrived at the airfield to glorious weather and no clouds, getting sufficient ...

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  2. alone in the dark (well daylight!)

    having clocked up about 3.5 hours of solo and done the dual nav the weather for the end of the week was looking decidedly iffy. With this is mind Phil and I decided to try to take advantage of the better conditions today (well yesterday now!).

    The Enstone website was showing 5 kts with a couple of kts cross wind (from my favoured left side! - centre stick means i tend to pull it towards me in the flair).

    Turning up at the airfield and the wind sock backed up the weather ...
  3. dual nav exercise

    After my instructors holidays and checking the weather we decided Saturday was the best bet for conditions.

    As it turned out it was not ideal with 12-15kts upto 40% off the runway. We started with dual circuits to get rid of three weeks worth of rust and this went well. All the landings were good for the conditions and i seemed to have better coordination during the hold off between the rudders and ailerons and elevators. Finished up with a nice PFL to the grass.

    We ...
  4. more solo! :D

    i have been a bit lax on the blogs as of late.

    i have had several lessons, some with some solo time others without due to conditions mainly cross winds. we have done some local nav when the conditions are not right for solo which was good fun.

    I have now done two local nav exercises and both times Phil has been sat silent, monitoring my progress and only putting me right if i had done something "dangerous". The main offender here was when i changed heading for ...

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  5. More Circuits

    Been watching the weather all week, as normal and Friday looked the best bet.

    So after work I checked the weather station at Enstone one last time and headed on over.

    Initial look at the wind sock upon arrival was not brilliant, slight crosswind.

    We review the notes and get going with the hope of some more solo time.

    We do a few circuits and things are looking ok, i have got the hang of avoiding the "pancake" landing and the balloons ...
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