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  1. I'm a humanoid alien....

    So having found a flying school and getting in touch, I discover that it's no longer a case of turning up and flying. Oh no, I'm an alien, so I'm a security risk. I checked myself in the mirror, and I'm still definitely humanoid.....

    Anyway, the instructor explains to me that I can have a "discovery flight" which can be signed off in my logbook as dual-training, but no more than that until I've jumped all the hurdles and got approved.

    So Saturday 7th at Addison airport ...
  2. Step one - find a flying school.

    So I arrive in Dallas and the first thing I try to do is find a flying school, sure there's loads of em !
    However, none of the ones I found actually teach on LSA's, only full PPL....

    Anyway, a bit more Googling and I find a list of instructors who teach the Sport Pilots Licence in Texas.
    The closest one in the list to where I'm staying is a chap called Ed Bandy, who teaches at Midway Regional Airport, just south of the Dallas Fort Worth area. I spend a bit of time talking ...
  3. Sport Pilot Training in the USA

    Since I have to be in the USA (Dallas actually) for the next 8-12 weeks, I thought I'd try to get some training towards a US Sport Pilots Licence, in the hope that eventually it will be convertible to the European version once EASA finally define it.

    It should also be an opportunity to fly some interesting types which are rated as Microlight/ULM in Europe, but LSA in the USA.
    From my researches so far, I should be able to fly a CTSW, a Remos GX or G3 and a Piper Sport LSA..... ...

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  4. Gentreau's Alphabet Challenge - 2011

    BMAA no

    F-JHAX Aeroservices Guepy Club

    Based - Lucon, Vendée, France

    Since so many place names in France begin with Le/La/Les I will take the letter from the next word in the airfield name

    A: Addison, TX, USA - KADS - 07/05/2011 (CZAW Sportcruiser)
    B: Bernard (Le) - private strip - 01/04/2011
    C: Cholet - LFOU - 08/04/2011
    D: Denton, TX, USA - KDTO - 23/01/2011 (Remos GX)
    F: Fontennay le Comte - LFFK ...

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