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  1. Adding Video to your post

    People seem to still have a problem adding video to their posts. Here is a quick how to... once you've done it once, you won't forget again. It really is simple.

    Go to your video on youtube or wherever you have it. Click on the Share button as shown by the arrow here.

    You will then be given the box above. Highlight the address by clicking and dragging, and "copy" the contents of the ...
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  2. Proper Wordpress Blog on Here?

    Hi Bloggers.

    Do you find the navigation of your blogs and the following of someone a bit of a nonsense on here?

    I was considering setting up proper blogs for anyone that wants one. It would be in the form of and would have it's own fully functional wordpress site with it's own database. All I would ask is that I get the add revenue for hosting it.

    Let me know if you want one and I'll sort it.

    I have ...

    Updated 14-07-11 at 08:55 AM by VinceG

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  3. Add an Avatar

    Hello people.

    There are quite a few members who have not got around to using an avatar.

    Well, I've spent all afternoon making avatars so that you can add one to your profile really easy. Here's how you do it.

    Now before you start, it is best to have two browser windows open. That way you can follow the lesson, then go to the other browser window to carry out the instructions. Go back to the lesson, back again... etc. So, with that done, let's begin. ...
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  4. Alphabet Challenge - Vince Gledhill

    BMAA no
    G-BYYN Flexwing Quantum

    Based - York - Rufforth East Airfield

    It is my intention to do the Alphabet Challenge in "Alphabetical Order"

    A: Askern - 2nd January 2011
    B: Breighton - 2nd January 2011
    C: Crossland Moor - 29th January 2011
    D: Deighton - 19th March 2011
    E: Eddsfield - 19th March 2011
    F: Fishburn - 9th April 2011
    L: ...

    Updated 09-04-11 at 17:38 PM by VinceG

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  5. How to Ignore Someone

    How do you Ignore someone?

    That is, choose not to see their posts?

    Simple, go to Settings at the top. Then in your settings (below My Account) on the left you will see an "edit ignore list" link.

    Simply click and a dialogue opens up. Put the persons name that you wish to ignore in the box and save the changes.

    You will now never see any posts by that member. For you as the user, it will be as if they don't exist.
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