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Andy's Blog - Throwing down the Gauntlet...

New to microlighting, but not to flying... naive yet overconfident all at the same time! Please add your comments (good or bad).

Warning - May contain aviation material of a non-microlight nature that some readers may find offensive.

  1. Rocky!

    by , 24-06-11 at 21:05 PM (Andy's Blog - Throwing down the Gauntlet...)
    I had a "Rocky" day today.

    You know the bit that I mean in the first Rocky film. The training montage where he's pounding the streets of Philadelphia, running mile after monotonous mile in preparation for the big fight. Just putting the miles in, doing the legwork. In flying terms, that's what I did today.

    I've not flown many hours on the club's EV-97's, and I've not done much microlighting at all in the last few months. What I have done has been great, ...
  2. Commitment and the Single (Engined) Pilot

    by , 19-02-11 at 13:40 PM (Andy's Blog - Throwing down the Gauntlet...)
    Reading a couple of the current threads got me thinking about commitment.

    Commitment is one of those words that means different things to different people. I viewed keeping a toothbrush round my girlfriend's flat as a significant long term commitment. She thought that a religious ceremony with a couple of close friends and several hundred distant ones was nearer the mark!

    But to multi-engine helicopter pilots, "Committed!" has a very clear and well understood ...

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  3. Practical Water Survival

    by , 13-12-10 at 19:05 PM (Andy's Blog - Throwing down the Gauntlet...)
    As part of the day job, every 6 months I have to nip down to the swimming pool and show that I can competently use the safety equipment the Queen generously provides me with. Usually, this is no problem. Squeeze myself into the old speedo's, get dragged up and down the pool to simulate being towed in the water by a parachute then run inflate my little dinghy and drag myself into the plastic coccoon. Job done, and back home in time for tea and medals. What could possibly go wrong?

    What ...
  4. Back Flying (and maybe Blogging) Again.

    by , 26-11-10 at 22:56 PM (Andy's Blog - Throwing down the Gauntlet...)
    I've unexpectedly found myself with more time on my hands than I had bargained for! After working away from home for most of the last 12 months, the Strategic Defence Review has relieved me of much of my workload and sent me back to the mothership. Now that I'm getting home most weeknights, I hope to have more time to fly microlights and more time to write.

    Some of you will have read the kind of stuff I've written so far, and so if anyone has any questions on the technicalities of ...
  5. Microlighting Again!

    by , 20-06-10 at 21:43 PM (Andy's Blog - Throwing down the Gauntlet...)
    Well, it's been a frantically busy few months. Which has put paid to any microlighting before this week.

    The day job has me flying lots and working away from home for most of the week. So it has not left much time for anything else other than writing technical stuff on how the flying is going, and spending time weekend with the little one to take the pressure of Mrs Andy. But this coming week I've got two days of microlighting planned and booked. A refresher lesson to get back ...
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