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  1. Building SkyRanger Nynja G-TIDY

    1. INTRO....

    Thanks to Vince for re-establishing the blog function: I'd like to use it to record my build experience from my Nyna, G-TIDY. Why 'TIDY'? well, I'm generally a bit of a slacker, so thought that using that, it would motivate me to try harder - sort of embarrass me into doing a reasonable job, if that makes any sense.

    It's my second SkyRanger, the first being G-SIRE, a Swift, built with substantial help from a buddy who'd recently retired as a techie with the ...

    Updated 22-08-14 at 08:58 AM by Riggers

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  2. Hanger build day 3

    A slow start today after recovering from the strange black stuff of lastnight the bed falls around 11 am and we get to work.

    First job of the day is removeing the cast concrete poles from the supports.
    with just the help of dad for today the proces gets long and tedious. after about an hour we have everithing in the field that we need to start only to find that its lunch time.

    Next on the list is to wled one of the hoops which is done just after lunch.
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  3. Build a hanger in under 10 working days for 3 aircraft all costing under 1500

    And so this is the first of the blogs on atempting to build a hanger and air strip at my home to hold my projects and my xair, the target price is under 1500 the amount of time i have to build it from scratch is 10 days.

    Day one clearing the site for the runway began with cutting down a few trees to clear the hedge a give more runway length, the first 4 of the reinforced concrete poles for the uprights were filld as well. Finaly we marked out the hanger location and where the holes ...
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