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  1. 2019 Update.

    The MiniMax stayed due lack of money for something bigger and the fun I was getting from it. This Winter's upgrades are nearly done. Ten more litres of tankage,, streamlined struts, a choke to help with starting, I hope, and a new propeller. I am busily trying to make glass fibre fairings to cut the drag down and plan to fit a rear tank to get me up to forty litres so I can get around a bit more. Targets for this year will be making some long journeys.
  2. And another two years later.

    This is probably the world's slowest blog! The Max is happy and flies as often as weather will allow, now fitted with a fine liquid crystal ribbon tacho, pressure gauge and fuel gauge which has made a big difference to the flying. Being more confident about how much fuel is on board has made the sorties steadily longer. There is a VSI in the instrument as well although it isn't as I want it yet but it has made space for a GPS on the panel. Radio is now a Yazoo which sounds better than the old Icom ...
  3. Feel like going bact to the start again.

    I've not really been on the forum for well over a year now, but have been happily flying my Flash 2 Alpha on local bimbles around Cheshire, sadly only managing around 12 hours a year (New baby, very busy job, terrible weather).

    The F2A is a lovely machine and the 503 engine has been super reliable to me, I've spent a lot of time and effort on her, upgrading from twin fuel tanks to a 65L tank, installing antenna and radio, Lynx interface, upgrading the altimeter, replacing fuel lines, ...

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  4. Old Comunica intercom help needed

    Hi all
    I have an old Comunica headset and intercom system and it went faulty last week. I opened up the intercom to see if there was anything obvious like a fuse blown etc. Unfortunately when I removed the circuit board a small black wire came adrift from the back of the board and I can't tell where from.
    I was hoping someone else may have this type of intercom and able to tell me where this wire should be connected.
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  5. P1-(ish) Catchup 3 - Baby Steps

    Autumn 2014

    Some of the best flights in my training were the solo consoldation 'out and backs'.

    Chris would send me out a few miles to a point on the map then have me come back and report what I saw. It gave me inital practice in departing the circuit, starting some nav, and rejoining again.

    So for the first time, I left the circuit, heading out into the wider world on my own. Well, only a little bit into the wider world - but it was still 'out there'. ...
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