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    by Published on 19-04-11 08:16 AM

    Over the last few weeks I've been having some trouble with my (rather aged) Lynx headsets, although given their age I cannot ...
    by Published on 05-11-10 19:28 PM

    I am flying in the morning, nowhere in particular, so, am going to give memory map and Air Navigation Pro a thorough work out.

    testing the following...
    1. Planning A flight
    2. Following the plan
    3. In flight use
    4. Reviewing the flight
    5. Sharing the flight

    So, here are the results...

    Memory map

    1. Planning a flight, I started fro Rufforth and went out round the ring road to the north. So I wanted my "line" to follow to show this. With memory map for the iPad it's a doddle, simply click the flag symbol to add your way point, choose from the drop down menu that you want a track, then touch the screen with all your way points. Great if you want to fly round airspace. Then you can go in and change the colour of the line etc brilliant.

    Air navigation pro.

    Starting from Eddsfield it was my plan to fly to bridlington down the coast, and then into Beverley. Had to go into the menus to plan a route, but then had to make custom way points for each of my turn points, after messing about for ten minutes putting in my first custom way point, I gave up. Terrible.

    2. Following the route.

    Memory Map.

    There is a dot with a circle round it in the centre of the screen giving your position. An arrow points in the way you are heading which you can follow easily. My only criticism is that there's no "track up" option the line and arrow showing your direction is a little narrow and I would prefer an aeroplane picture to show where you are.

    Air Navigation Pro.

    I didn't have a line to follow because I had given up earlier. Had I spent some time the previous evening doing the plan and entering all the custom way points then things would have been different.

    So now to the positives, there is a plane to show you where you are, you can quickly choose north or track up but there is no line to show you where you are heading. One great feature of pocketFMS (not reviewed here) is that the line has a T at the end of it and the T depicts where you will be in ten minutes, brilliant.

    There is a trace of dots that follow you to show you where you have been which is good.

    3: In flight use.

    I didn't try to alter anything in flight because like a numpty I forgot the pens and there was no way I was taking my gloves off in flight to mess with the iPad

    I will look at reviewing the flights later.


    Memory Map.

    Great piece of software, needs track up and stuff sorted mentioned above and it would be great. But does do the job. 8/10 from me.

    Air Navigation Pro.

    Good software, the lack of aviation map for the UK is a real downer and the difficulty planning an ad hoc route is a real pain. Will I use it? No, not in this form. When there's a uk aviation map and I am going on a pre planned flight that I can plan and save before hand then I'm sure it would be great.

    It has some great features that MM doesn't too like showing an instrument like altimeter etc, bit when you click to show it, it's in the way and you can't move it, ridiculous. In it's present state, 8/10.